Horsetail for growth?

mrjdivomrjdivo Posts: 19Registered Users
I heard someone who was into natural medicine say that horsetail was good for growth. I looked it up in an herb book and it did say that it was bennificial for hair thinning. I got some liquid horsetail at my local healthfood store and I'm massaging it in my hair starting this week. But has any one tried it, or do you know if it works???



  • CaleilaniCaleilani Posts: 728Registered Users
    Yes,horsetail is good for hair growth,I take it.I've taken it in the past too.I take it by supplement form though.But,I guess it works the way you're doing it too.
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    Was it expensive (the liquid)?
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    Would the supplement form be better, since that's actually inside your body, where hair is forming?
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    I think the liquid was like $8 at our health food store. But I will see if I can find it in capsule form. I have been trying to grow out my hair for the past 2 years but my hair grows 1/4 of an inch a month and I would like to do somthing to speed that up a little. Because it takes for ever for it to grow between breakadge ect. Any reccomendations???
  • CaleilaniCaleilani Posts: 728Registered Users
    I get mine from Puritan Pride.It comes under the name of Silica but there's 500mgs.of Horsetail in each capsule.I get great deals at Puritan Pride,sometimes free bottles,you have to catch them when they are having a sale.But,feel free to shop around.HTH.
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