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I was just recalling how much I loved my neighborhood library growing up. My mother used to take my sister and I to this fantastic old library. It had marble pillars and wide steps on the outside, and on the inside were marble floors and and a stone fireplace. What was so cool was there were two leather wing chairs in front of this fireplace, and even little kids such as myself were allowed to sit in them! I felt like I was in someone's mansion. I think that's how my love of reading started.

Anyone else have fond library memories?
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    We didn't have a public library 'til I was about 10. but our school library was pretty good...for a 10 year old. :lol:

    but once we got a public library, I LOVED it. My sister worked there in the summers when she was in college, so I'd go uptown and spend hours in the easy chair reading and reading and reading.

    We also didn't have library cards - the librarian and her assistants knew everyone, and they'd just hunt you down when you had a book overdue. :D

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    My dad was an avid mystery reader (Erle Stanley Gardner, Mickey Spillane) and my mom still has several books going at once. I can remember going to the library all the time when we were kids. In order to get books for my dad that he hadn't read, we would find the page that corresponded to his age (page 52, age 52, for example). If the page number was circled, we knew he had read that particular book.

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    My Grandmother's city had a great old library. Big wood floors, heavy wooden shelves, columns....and the smell of old books. I still remember it.

    By far the best Library I've been in was in Grapevine, TX. Whatever book I would look up, 80% of the time, they had it....even fairly new best sellers! They have a great selection of audio books for adults and kids too. Whoever the buyers are for the library, I pay homage!!! Dang I miss that library!
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    When I was a kid, we didn't have a television until I was maybe 3 or so. My mom would read to me every night and we'd go to the library every other day or so. Especially in the summer - one of the few free places with air conditioning back in the day that you could while away hours in!

    I'd join the summer reading club every year and this year my library had an adult summer reading club!!

    The library is seriously one of my favorite places ever. I worked in my college library the whole time I was there and one of the first things I did when I moved was get a new library card!
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    Our library was also in a renovated mansion. It was beautiful (still is). Tall ceilings, big windows, a winding staircase up to the 'adult' section. I can remember as a kid wanting to be able to go into that section sooo bad. Then when I moved back to my hometown - they had moved the 'adult' sectiond downstairs!! Also, when I moved back to my home town - they still had on file that I owed $ from grade school for a late about a great system!!! I love bookstores and books to this day - that library gave me a wonderful start.
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    My neighborhood library was a safe haven from my stress-filled family. I loved it and love them to this day, although I don't hang out in them them today, just pick up books.
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  • curlycalliecurlycallie Posts: 75Registered Users
    I remember leaving with such a tall stack of books that I had to tuck them under my chin. I still love to read. Thankfully 2 out of 3 of my children do also.
  • starinastarina Posts: 665Registered Users Curl Neophyte
    curlycallie, I'm glad you posted on this old thread, it was fun reading everyone's memories again! I have to add that I've been going to a library in a brand new building and it's as beautiful in its modern way as the old library from my childhood. Well, almost anyway! I'm sure the children going there now will someday look back and remember the winding staircase and the two-story floor to ceiling windows, just the way I recall that old fireplace and the marble floors of my childhood library!
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    I have happy memories of my hometown library. It wasn't grand like the way some others have described their libraries. It was tiny (only one room) and dusty and hot. But oh, the books! I must have read nearly every book they had. And there were these rad plastic chairs that I loved to sit in...when I was tiny, they just swallowed me up.
  • va_candiva_candi Posts: 849Registered Users
    Your post really took me back to my childhood. I would look forward to my weekly summer trips to the library with my mom. I would probably check out 20 books at a time. The librarian and my mother would always look at me like I was crazy, but I would always be done with them long before it was time for the next week's trip. When I was older, my dad and I would both check out novels, and we would have a race to see who could finish the book first. I would always win, but I knew he was only doing it to encourage my passion for reading.
  • ninja dogninja dog Posts: 23,780Registered Users Curl Neophyte
    This is one of my favorite subjects.....

    Growing up, I loved libraries: the smell, the old-fashioned cards with a small metal plate, card catalogues, the hush; it was all just perfect. I remember the first time I was allowed to ride my red Schwinn bicycle to the library alone. It was scary, but I was proud of myself, too.

    I wish modern libraries had retained some of the old rules. My current library, while staffed by very nice people, is more like a community center: kids run and scream, people talk on cell phones, and even the librarians chat openly at full volume. It's not a place I want to linger.

    I'm sad about this.
  • starinastarina Posts: 665Registered Users Curl Neophyte
    ninja dog, you are so right. Libraries are not the hallowed halls they once were, but I guess everything must change with the times. As long as people are still reading! I think some of the changes are good ones, but yes, the noise level in libraries has definitely increased!
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  • KookyCurlKookyCurl Posts: 1,980Registered Users
    I've recently returned to my library (I have a history of forgetting to return books). I realized how much I missed it! I used to walk to our small town library all the time in the summer. I'd get books out and then stop at the store next door for penny candy. I'd head home with my pockets full of sweets and my arms full of stories. Ahhh....heaven.

    I don't mind a modicum of noise. The hushed quiet always made me uncomfortable, like I was doing something I wasn't supposed to.
  • nynaeve77nynaeve77 Posts: 7,135Registered Users Curl Novice
    My mom used to bring me and my sisters to the library all the time. I would bring my little book bag and cram that sucker full! Then, when we got home, my mom would have us all list the books we took out on a sheet of paper so that we wouldn't forget any when we had to return them. I loved the library! I can't wait until my little girl is old enough to go and check out books...she loves to be read to, but she's in that noisy toddler phase and I don't want her to disturb the other patrons. :)
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    We lived only a few blocks from our public library. During the summers my sister and I would ride our bikes down to library and fill our book bags full. We'd ride home and the next day do it again. We passed a convenience store and sometimes we'd stop and buy candy. I have fond memories of summers full of books and candy.
  • YolyCYolyC Posts: 3,758Registered Users
    When I was growing up our neighborhood library was a tiny little thing. Honestly a waste of time. The books were messed up, if you needed something from another branch, you had to go to that branch. Corrupt as our mayor is, I have to give him credit. He's an avid reader and cyclist, so libraries and bike paths are big deals to him. The CPL system is really good now. I think I've used it more in the past 3 yrs than I did through all of grade school.
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