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GREEK. Ugh. I love this show but up until the last episode I watched I really was into it but now I'm just sad. There is a character named Lizzie and of course she has super curly hair and shes a little eccentric. I'm glad she stood up to Tegan but was it really necessary to straighten her hair to make her feel like she had the strength to stay and fight? The list of things that made me angry:

1. Tegan, a woman that commanded and demand a lot from Lizzie at work constantly made fun of Lizzie's curls.
2. Tegan called her Frizzie behind her back all the time (even had it as her name for when she called her cell phone).
3. The only way the Lizzie stood up to Tegan was when her hair was straightened.
4. Ashleigh and Casey insisted that the first thing to do was straighten her hair.

Sorry for the rant but alas another TV show has made curly hair seem like a bad thing. Women with curly hair don't have to straighten their beautiful curls to be professional or to stand up for what they believe in.


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    Aw man. I liked Greek, I didn't see the last episode, and I'm sort of glad I didn't. Poor Lizzie. She was a bit of a mess, but I did enjoy actually seeing curls. Though, now that I think about it .. they always made her seem a little quirky and weird and the curls completed her "look". Oh ABC family, what do you have against curls?
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