How do you wear your hair Down??

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I saw that there was a post asking how you wear it up, but I have the opposite problem: I always wear it up. It's to the point where it is affecting my ability to grow it. My hair is 3b, and a few inches less than shoulder length when curly. I can't wear it down without looking ridiculous, and having the front of my hair flop into my face. SO, what do you do to it to be able to wear it down at less than shoulder length?
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    Pull the front back, and clip it back with some really cute clip(s). Voila! It's the best of both worlds.
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    You may want to consider getting a hair cut. I would suggest getting your hair cut into layers, specifically focusing on the top layers of your hair so that you can maintain length at the bottom. I felt the exact same way you did about wearing my hair down...I thought my hair looked terrible and uncontrollable. I got a layered hair cut and it did wonders! A great will cut give your hair shape and you will love wearing your hair down!

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    1/2 updos are great for keeping hair out of your face. Headbands, side combs, and a lot of other pretty clips to pull it back.
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    After I put gel in my hair I clip the front/top with three tiny claw clips. I clip the hair back from my face and then pull up slightly so the clips aren't next to my head. When my hair begins to dry, I take the clips out. This way I never have hair in my face. Hope that helps a bit.

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    I am growing my hair out from a very short cut and it's shorter than shoulder length as well - about chin length, plus it has some really stupid layers in it from a bad stylist. When I'm having trouble keeping my hair out of my face, since I can't pull it back, I'll take the top center bit (the bit of hair that would be bangs if I had them, if that makes sense) and clip it back with either a flat barrette or a couple bobby pins. The rest of my hair is still down, but if the front dries really stupidly, that helps mask that problem.
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    For my hair to keep it out of my face I find that headbands work really well :)
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    Thanks for the responses. I have been using a lot of bobby pins. I hope it isn't damaging to my hair. Head bands work but don't sit back far enough on my head to keep hair from flopping forward.
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    My hair is mid back. I got it cut awhile back with long bangs that reached an inch or so past my cheekbone and another layer near my shoulders and long layers everywhere else. I love the cut, especially for wearing my hair down.
    Yesterday my bangs dried weird so I just gathered them and pulled them back over the top of my head and pinned it and it looked really cute.

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