Can Pinappling at night cause breakage?

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I read on another forum that putting hair up in a tail and sleeping on it can cause breakage:sad4:. I am talking about a loos scunchie on top of head, and using a sating pillowcase.

Tell me this isn't so:hmph:


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    Never experienced any breakage personally and I pineapple every night.
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    I also pineapple nightly and have never experienced breakage. I use 2 satin scrunchies (my hair is very heavy) and it's very loose on the top of my head. At some point in the early wee hrs. I take it out, starts to bug me but it works well cuz it calms down the poof from the pineapple :)
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    I don't think it will cause breakage, not with a scrunchie.
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    Well-thanks for your thoughts. They make me happy:happy6:
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    I've never experienced breakage, either, and I also pineapple every night. I think I get more breakage if I leave it down, what with rolling around on it, my DH laying on it and it getting pulled, etc., etc. As long as it's done loosely with a scrunchie, I don't think there's any problem. Plus, it's the only way I stand a chance of getting 2nd day hair!
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    I was told by a Deva stylist that I had breakage & bad splits at the underneath backside, the area that's exposed when the hair is up in a high ponytail. But then I was using 'cotton' scrunchies & a cotton pillowcase at one point & a satin pillowcase at another point.

    I haven't had any problems since I switched to not doing a high ponytail at night & alternating between a satin pillowcase & a silk pillowcase.
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    Lazy Loops-What kind of ponytail do you do then:confused4:
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    joya wrote: »
    Lazy Loops-What kind of ponytail do you do then:confused4:

    I stopped doing a ponytail at all. Yeah, it made for real cute morning hair. BLEH

    And since then I've got my hair cut short, so I'd only have a bit more than a brush-like ponytail if I made one. :lol:
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    I quit sleeping in a ponytail or braid because of breakage. Not where the scrunchy was, but the sides! I guess having them pulled back and rubbing on the pillow at night caused it. I started noticing that if I had my hair in a ponytail during the day, I'd get all these shorty hairs on the sides, which came away from my head and frizzed real bad. By the time I realized what was causing it, I looked like Bozo the clown whenever I wore a ponytail or braid, and it was a windy or humid day. For that reason, I'm wary of doing a pineapple at night.
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    Curlyinohio-See, I think that might be happening to me, but not sure if it is just new baby hairs coming in:confused: I don't see any hairs on my pillow or broken hairs in my Scrunchie, but I am getting paranoid:toothy3:
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    I know what you mean. I stopped sleeping in a ponytail, and once those hairs grew out, it never happened again. I put my hair up to take a shower at night, but I take it DOWN before going to bed. I don't want that happening again. It took too long to grow back out!
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    I'm not sure, but I sleep with a pineapple and a satin cap at night. This prevents my hair from tangling, and it might prevent the friction that you are experiencing. Also, if you are sleeping with a silk or satin pillow case, that should help your hair retain moisture and reduce the friction. So you should be fine.
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