Time for a new diffuser?

I've had a Revlon diffuser for a few years now, but never touched it until July. I use it pretty much everyday now.

Here's what it looks like:
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It has three temperature settings: cool, warm, and hot. I use warm. There are high and low settings; I use low.

For the past couple weeks, it's been blowing much hotter air than usual. So much so that I have to use the cool shot within five seconds of turning it on. There have also been moments of almost a burning-like smell, but only after I turn it on the first time and it doesn't last long.

I just attempted to diffuse my hair, and it was being weird. It wouldn't turn on! It would make a "revving" sound and just not start. Hitting reset didn't do anything. I finally figured out it would start if I pushed it to high and then back down to low. How does that work? It made the pixiecurl method extremely hard.

Should I get a new one? How long is the lifespan of a diffuser, anyway? It doesn't make sense to me that it would be dying now. I know it's a few years old, but I honestly haven't touched it until July. My car's going in the shop tomorrow night, so if I'm getting a new one, it needs to be before then so I'm not stuck without one.

Any ideas?


  • curlyjenn10curlyjenn10 Posts: 2,034Registered Users

    My dad looked at it Sunday and it's not clogged up or anything. It's just being weird... I don't know if that means it's ok or that it's going to start a fire if I continue to use it.
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    I don't mess around with wonky electrical devices. If it's acting up, then I'd definitly get a new one. I have a hair dryer, and then a diffuser that attatches on to the end of it. It's amazing, because it fits a whole variety of hair dryer nozzles, so I can take it with me to hotels and stuff, and not have to lug a hair dryer around.
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    Oh yeah I'd get a new one. I had one that shot fire at me when it was going out. I thought I was imagining things until I saw it really clear one day!
    the minute mine gets to acting odd it's on to the next one. It's not worth setting my hair on fire for
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