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I'm wondering if anyone has gone from twa to long beautiful hair. I BC'ed after transitioning for about 4 months, and now my twa is growing out (and it's not pretty), so I'm hoping that I can get some inspiration (and pics) about hairstyles and cuts. Let me just say that I have a huge forehead (Tyra Banks has nothin' on me), and so far nothing looks good. Okay, enough of the complaining, I really do love my hair texture!


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    LOL I know how you feel. I cut my hair very short and I got to a period where it just was not cute. Im hoping that it will be able to go nice and long. But as it grows out it doesnt bother me as much. I was ready to go get some kind of hair cut to try to style it, but just decided to let it grow out for awhile before I do that. I have learned about using accessories, like headbands and barrettes.

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    You can view my fotki. I am too cheap to pay premium, so I have like 3 :lol

    Start with current and then you will see other links at bottom of page. Hairstory from 8/3/03- until now...

    click on www under my post

    ETA: I don't have a style or shape, I don't think. If I do, it is a true blessing from God that my hair 'grew' into a 'style' I can get away with until I decide what to do with it...

    I am in a real weird way. I love my hair, love conditioning it, but it just looks 'there' I AM NOT COMPLAINING

    ho hum :wink:
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    i feel you. when i was relaxed and would get my hair cut in a shorter style... it's all gravy until it starts growing out! then you're like, "what the heck do i do with it now?" :?

    i still have problems putting the scissors down instead of just being patient and letting my hair grow out... :lol:
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    i stick with the description "OS thready thick"

    my curly fro now is at collarbone when straightened.... basically the length i had when i started transitioning! hooray for growth!!! =)
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    I have. I did the TWA in '99 and grew it to past my shoulders by '01. And I'm talking thick and healthy, not see thru and brittle. :lol:

    The best advice I can give you is this: keep your hands (and scissors) out of it by any means necessary. I did weaves, braids, drawstring ponytails--whatever it took. This way you don't have to look at it everyday. Just take care of it and let it grow. Every 3-4 months or so take the braids/weave out and straighten it just to see the length. The amazing growth will be motivation enough!

    Back in '01 I was still getting texturizers and went back and forth with my hair for awhile. I stop getting relaxers completely in '03 and cut off the last bit of dead, relaxed hair about a year later.Right now my hair is still thick and pretty healthy. It's about 2 1/2-3 inches away from bra strap length (my next goal). It's almost one length all the way around.

    I still rock the drawstring ponytails a lot--I wear my natural hair out on the weekends. I am having great results using olive oil as or with conditioner. I am trying to get over this hump and grow it REALLY long.

    If you are dead set against weaves, etc, another option are beautiful headwraps or hats.
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    LBGsk8tr, I know how you feel. When I first did the BC my hair was 2 inches long and i loved it. But as it grew out, i was trapped in "in between" hell!!! I hated that awkward length and I looked a mess! Don't worry, I think its a phase everyone goes through when growing out their hair.

    When i look back at pics of myself during that time i still cringe, I didn't know what the heck to do w/ my hair! Its been 2 years and I'm still working towards my goal of bra strap length.

    Don't worrk, this "un-pretty" hair phase will pass!!!!
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    My TWA is growing out too. I got a severe trim in January because it looked like a mullet. Needless to say, my hair has grown back out, so I'm pretty much where I started a month ago. I have just been letting my hair do it's thing in the past month. I had started experimenting with headbands and scarves, but I don't really like the way it looks becuase I don't have enough length. At this length, I actually think my hair looks best when I fingerstyle it and go.

    Hang in there LBGsk8tr. You'll be make a pony puff in no time:-)
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