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Jenna Fischer / "Pam Beesly" from The Office

SpunGoldSpunGold Posts: 454Registered Users
I love Pam's hair in the Office. Lately it's been looking like curling-iron curls, but it looks pretty natural in this pic:
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finally at waist length!


  • lazy loopslazy loops Posts: 8,792Registered Users
    I love The Office & she is so cute! I like her hair either way.
  • curlygurneycurlygurney Posts: 116Registered Users
    I love the office and she is adorable. I think it might be natural.
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  • RyanneRyanne Posts: 686Registered Users
    I don't know if it's naturel, but her hair looks great in The Office.
  • NayaNaya Posts: 922Registered Users
    I LOOOVE the office, I liked her hair before when it was naturally curly. It's not as pretty now IMO.
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    3C/4A mix I think
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  • onethousandcurlsonethousandcurls Posts: 1,118Registered Users
    Love Pam, and The Office, and I wonder how curly she naturally is?
    3b/c, CG 9/18/08
    Last process: 04/05/08 Big Chop: 08/08/09
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  • mrl234mrl234 Posts: 548Registered Users
    I love that show and she is adorable. I think that earlier in the series it looked like natural curlyness. It was cuter then, but even though now it usually looks curling-ironed on the show, it still looks cute.
    fia 2C/3A-F-iii, sensitive to some proteins
    CGish since 10-16-08
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    Rinse outs: Yes to Carrots Pampering Mud Conditioner
    Styling: a little bit of leave in and a little bit of KCCC, diffusing
    Olive oil DTs, honey rinses in the summer :)
  • curlybrunette5curlybrunette5 Posts: 264Registered Users
    She said in an interview once that she did her own hair for the pilot, so I'm assuming that's what you see in the first season is her natural curl. It wasn't supposed to look perfect and that tight curl would be hard to achieve with just a curling iron.
    3a on top and sides/3b underneath...lots of hair

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  • TillyMunchyWavesTillyMunchyWaves Posts: 671Registered Users
    In this 1st seasons of the Office her hair looked natural, but now the curls look like they were done with a curling-iron.
    Wavy, curly on the ends, 2C.
    Coarse to medium textured, porous, dry, and lots of it.
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