Kesh Nikhar Shampoo Bar?

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Have any of you tried this? I went to the Indian grocery today to look for the Shikaiki bar, but they only had this.

No ingredients list (gulp!) but it comes in a really pretty red box! It's greyish-black and smells kind of floral. Only $1.29!

Inside wrapper says it's made from pure vegetable oils.



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    I'd want to know ingredients. I have problem with castor oil, so can't use that.
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    I think you are okay! I bought a soap bar made in India last week made of vegetable oils. I used it last Saturday and it removed a lot of the buildup on my scalp and gave me a good hair day! I plan to use it once a week as a clarifier.

    I found a website!!! I want to try this one!

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    OMG-everyone just stop, already! I can't take looking at all these new things-each on looks better than the last, and I can't fit anymore friggin' soap in my bathroom, lol!

    Oops. Did I actually say that out loud? Sorry. Well, sad to say, this one does look promising, too...
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    I tried the Kesh Nikhar today, but have sort of mixed feelings about it. On the plus side, there's lots of lovely lather and it seems to invigorate the scalp. Much less hair loss compared to the Liggett bar. (Yay!)

    But my hair feels a bit coated and it did nothing for curl. We have soft water, so I didn't use ACV, but I'll try some tomorrow.

    I found this post on an Indian website in answer to a question about how to straighten hair:

    "Hi, You can use also kesh nikhar soap this is best 4 making hair strgt.This is my own exp.B4 my hairs r curly but now strgt."

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    I agree, Eeep! Straight hair!

    Keep us posted!
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    This stuff is so strange! I tried it again, following the directions on the inside wrapper: pre-poo with oil (I used camellia the night before) and then lather twice.

    My hair felt less coated, but it still did nothing for curls. The next day it looked smooth and nearly straight, almost like I just had a blow-out! (Kinda cute, but not exactly the look I'm going for!)

    Another etailer who sells KeshNikhar recommends it for oily hair only. On to the next experiment!
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    my mom like went back to using kesh nikhar and her hair is long again...shampoos juz decreased her hair. she said she had been using the thing like before marriage...then its been quite some years she started using it again and now sticks to it religiously.....but still I would really love if they put up the ingredient list :(