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Hi all- this is my first post EVER so hopefully you all will be able to help!

I use only conditioner (most of it rinses out), followed by suave gel, air-drying till almost dry then diffusing, then a hefty dose of hairspray. I have a short above the shoulder pixie cut, and my hair is VERY fine and thin. Not suprisingly, I have a hard time keeping my hair from going flat, especially for day 2. I do have a little bit of lift right at the root, but then the curls just fall down the side of my head. Hairspray livens things up for a while, but ultimatlely weighs it down. I've tried using thickening sprays and mousse, but more product just weighs my hair down even more. Anybody have a good solution for keeping my hair tamed (I do have type 3b) as well as full of volume and lifted? Keep in mind my hair is VERY THIN...

And one more question. I've had my hair short for 4-ish years now, so I'm trying to grow it out. (By the way, I've cut my own hair for the past four years... :shock:). Should I grow my hair out and then get a shaping cut, or should I get my hair fixed and then grow it out? I don't know if a good cut would help with my volume trouble, but then again, I'm not sure if a cut is good for anything... I've had really bad experiences with getting my hair cut, so I don't even know if it's woth it to try. I'd thought I'd just see what you all thought...

Thanks for the help!
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