Brazilain Keratin Treatment

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Hi, I am currently booked to get the BKT done tomorrow, but am now hesitant. I'm going to Mexico next month for a week and want to come out of the pool without having to worry about my hair, but i am now hearing that you can't go into the pool or ocean if you've had this treatment that true? What have been your experiences with this treatment? Also, I use Loreal's feria to dye my hair and must do a touch up every month(hair is brown and I dye it blonde), will that effect the treatment?
Sorry for all the questions!:cya:


  • koolattakoolatta Registered Users Posts: 4
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    Koolatta - How did your treatment turn out? I just saw your post tonight. I believe that you can go in the ocean and the pool. Am I right? You probably know those answers now. I'm having mine done this coming Saturday, the 11th.

    Let us know if you went through with it and if you like it.
    I live in Mexico. Trying to figure out how to make my own products with locally purchased items. In my area there are not a lot of cruelty-free, silicone-free, etc. products available. 
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    Thanks for responding...So far, so good. I am enduring the 4 day waiting period and am waiting to see what I will look like afterwards. I will keep you posted. Good luck on your treatment. Hopefully I can give you some positive feedback once I see the true results.

    BTW - you can go into the pool...:thumbright:
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    sodium chloride does make the treatment fade a lot faster, and sodium chloride is ofc present in the pool and ocean. That's why you're also told not to use normal shampoo, because it contains sodium chloride which will strip the keratin at a faster rate.
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    I've had it done, and I know that you can't expose your hair to water for about four or five days after the treatment. After you wait, then you can wash your hair, it's though, I know. You also cannot put your hair in any kind of ponytail/headband etc. If you do, it will leave a dent. Oh, and stay away from any products containing sulfate, it will make it wash away faster. Hope I helped :D

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