Curl Catastrophe!

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I need help with my curls. Obviously. I have really curly hair, not extremely tight curls, but not loose curls either. They're really frizzy. Also, it's sort of long, a few inches past my shoulders and layered. I'm a golden-blondie. I don't have enough time to take a shower in the morning, so I have to take one at night. Also, I cannot use any conditioners or hair gels because my hair is super greasy. I cannot miss one day of shampooing my hair because of my grease-problem. I want to be able to flaunt my curls, but they don't want to work for me. They look really bad when I wear them down because of their frizziness.

For the last year I've completely destroyed my hair because I've straightened my hair every morning for the last year. I have to get a trim every two months because I ruin the ends so fast. I don't want to do this anymore! I want to be able to feel comfortable in my curls and not hate them because they're frizzy and gross-looking.

So if anyone could come up with an idea that can help me feel more comfortable showing off my curls, I'd be extremely grateful. Thank you for your answers!


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    What shampoo are you currently using?

    Maybe you are having a grease problem b/c you are using a harsh shampoo & your scalp is working overtime. You might want to try a shampoo with no sulphates & just because your scalp is greasy doesn't mean that you can't use conditioner on your ends.
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    Your hair sounds a lot like mine before I ditched the shampoo. I know it sounds counter-intuitive to fight the grease with conditioner but you should read up on the curly girl method and see if it works for you. Check out the sticky at the top of the going shampooless section. I think you might be surprised!
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