New Discovery: I Can't Leave Conditioner In

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I know many women here love leaving condtioner in their hair, and I feel like the odd one out. I tried doing it a couple times and my scalp was sooooo itchy. So, I'll try a new experiment whereby I'll put conditioner on after my shower and maybe that will make a difference.
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  • abeautifulbrownabeautifulbrown Registered Users Posts: 73
    I did it the other day and itseeme dto be a good idea until I tried to wash it and it felt so dry and impossible to deal with that I had to break out the shampoo off-schedule and give it a good washing and condish before it felt normal.
  • CheleighCheleigh Registered Users Posts: 552
    I can't do it either. I used to sleep with conditioner on my hair overnight--until I discovered that the nape of my head itched something fierce after doing it. Now, I don't leave on conditioner any longer than three hours. I rinse out all the conditioner very well with pretty warm, then cold water.

    I add leave-in (Giovanni Direct) to the hair only after rinsing out the other conditioner.
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    Me too, I can't leave it either. glad to hear I am in good company :D
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    I can't leave it in alone either. I use Giovanni direct but I add oil and melted shea butter too it. If I leave in conditioners by themself I get extra -dry hair.
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    i can't leave condish in either...when i apply gel or other products i notice little white particles i my hair, from the condish drying or building up or whatever, but its gross!!! i like sleeping in it and rinsing out in the a.m tho.
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    good, it's not just me! :)

    i left conditioner in overnight once... oh my poor hair! it just felt like it had a thick nasty coating over it... ugh... and it was hard and cruncy... never again i say!!! :x

    i can leave it in for a good 30 mintues to deep condition and get great results. but i guess the key is, RINSE IT OUT! :D
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    I condition, rinse completely, then I add in more conditioner as my leave in but not as much as before.
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    me either i save rich products for rinsing out cause i get a dull film and white residue plus i dont find it necessary for my hair
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    I also rinse it out, then only add a teeny tiny bit to the ends.
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    wow there's a whole bunch of us who don't leave in condish. i have to wash it out because it just doesn't do anything for me and it doesn't mix well with my styling products. actual leave in condish doesn't work for me as well. the only one that works is one that i made up which is just a spray bottle with water and coconut oil mixed up. so is that even considered a leave in? lol i don't know :)
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