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I would love to see an additional topic under Curltalk for mature curly heads (say, 40+). We have all the regular problems of other curly girls but with the additional angst that age brings (long or short, colour or gray, menopausal effects on hair, etc). It would be great to have a support group of peers for the mature women.


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    Great idea, Jude. I'll pass it along to Gretchen and I think we should be able to get something up soon.

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    You make a good case. I'll try to get to it this weekend.
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    I think it would be great if we had something like this for teens also... biggrin.gif
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    i think it's a TERRIBLE idea! and i'm 40!

    we're going to have separate boards for each age group divided by 20 year gaps - one for teens, one for 20-40, one for 40+, should we get one for 60+ too?

    this community works because we come TOGETHER!

    please don't divide us. the past few days have shown how we come together as a community. that's what makes us strong.
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    I agree with rouquinne ! I love the fact that I can chat with teens or more mature members of the fourum.

    Curly Gal smile.gif
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    I agree with roquinne and Curly Gal! I'm 30 and I like the diversity of all the ages we find on the boards...I can offer advice from experience to the younger crowd and have so much to learn from the more mature crowd!
    Topics such as grey hair or menopause have been brought up on the boards before and get valid replies how is seperating it going to make it better?
    This is defenitly the best site I've ever been on! I love to tune in - I feel that I learn alot about a whole mix of things and and sometimes things come up in my life when I can relate to or remember a post that helps me in some way, it could have been from someone younger or older than me, it doesn't make a difference, who ever it was touched my life through their experience. So the point is that this site is working for me and many others and as the old saying goes, if it's not broke, don't fix it.
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    Hm. Y'all all have good points. Michelle and I will have to discuss.

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