TV on the computer - need a new site. Help please!

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Up until two days ago, I used to watch old episodes of different series from, but when I tried to go there today, it first told me I had to agree to using Zango (which I never had to do before, and won't do now), and then not an hour later when I tried again, it said the site no longer existed.

I'm so bummed! I was in the middle of season one of Californication, and I was only 7 or 8 episodes into the first season of House, plus my 18 month old daughter loved Duck Tales and Planet Earth. I just want my shows back!!! Nevermind the fact that I really wanted to watch Grey's Anatomy once I made it through House...I'm a sucker for medical shows!

So can anybody recommend another site where I can watch these shows again for free, but where I don't have to use Zango or anything similar?
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    I can't help you with Californiacation, as it's a pay station. They're pretty good at keeping their sh!7 under wraps, as they should. Watching without paying is stealing.

    Network TV, however, is a different ballgame. It's paid for not by a subscription to the station but by advertisers, and therefore is more easily accessible by those who don't want to watch it on TV. Mostly, you can go to the site for the network. Most networks now let you watch their primetime shows with limited commercials. I sued to watch Grey's this way all the time, and there were like four commercials throughout, each 30 seconds long, IIRC. Not a bad deal.

    They usually only have the last four or five eps that aired, though, so you have to keep up.

    If that doesn't work for you, suck it up and get a NetFlix subscription and pay for what you're getting. NetFlix has a streaming deal where you can still watch on the computer if that's what floats your boat.
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    If you're ok to download the program and then watch has a ton of shows. If you want live streaming, your options are becoming more and more limited with the network stations (as michellebft mentioned) the easiest "free" place.
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  • CurlyOver40!CurlyOver40! Posts: 758Registered Users has a ton of shows... and it's legal. But, I don't think you're going to find Showtime and HBO type shows.


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    I just recently found a television website that has a host of shows and channels such as CBS, MSNBC, TV Classics, NationalGeographic TV, and many others. It's still in beta so I am not sure how long it will stick around. Some of the shows tend to take a while to buffer but I watched a lot of older shows and enjoyed it!

    the address is
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    I'm not sure if it will have all the shows you're looking for, but you can try and also Both are free and legal, and have TV shows and movies.

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