Accepting Length Limitations

st. louis bluest. louis blue Registered Users Posts: 404
I am realizing that while I have fully accepted and love my hair's texture, I need to also accept that my hair may never get to the length that I would like it. This occured to me as I realized that I have been "trying to grow my hair out" for something like 2 years, and between the BC and bad haircuts and transitioning breakage and wide variation in curl pattern and and and . . . it's still pretty short when it's curly. I'm tired of wishing my hair was something it hasn't been since I was in high school. Tired. Chin length is a good length for me, from a cuteness perspective, and it is super healthy and feels wonderful. I need to just rock on with that, and forget about having another foot of hair. It ain't gonna happen anytime soon with these tight corkscrews.

Vented. Done.


  • CherishCherish Registered Users Posts: 1,847
    I think my hair suited me best when I had 2 years of growth post chop.

    From surveying photo albums, I think most people look their best when they don't look like they are hiding behind a bunch of hair.
  • DocDoc Registered Users Posts: 367
    Hi st louis blue,

    It's good that you've decided to relax and enjoy your hair for what it is.
    If you think about it, we have something a lot of textures don't, and what makes our hair unique and beautiful at ANY length is the VOLUME. Our hair when worn in it's natural glory is beautiful.
    I think once you just start enjoying what your hair is today, the "length" is going to creep up on you and surprise you. :lol:
    Dense kinky-curly; healthy and growing strong!
  • st. louis bluest. louis blue Registered Users Posts: 404
    Thanks, y'all.
  • msjokermsjoker Registered Users Posts: 1,658
    Yeah, I could care less how long or short my hair is, the only thing I care about is that my hair is healthy and has no relaxer whatsoever.
    "It moisturizes my situation... preserves my sexy."

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