I need some serious help

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okay I feel like I'm need help or maybe Im just over reacting I have very curly hair and have been getting relaxers since I was say about 9 years old but here's the problem ever since I started going curly i feel like my hair falls out more maybe it's because of course I don't brush it has much but I feel like I'm going bald and tips or someone tell me it's just natural thanks!


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    Well I can only speak for myself but I lose a lot of hair too. My hair is extremely thick so I am not overly concerned. They say losing 100 or so hairs a day is natural and healthy. Hopefully, that is true!
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    When I had my hair relaxed, I brushed often, so I had a little hair coming out almost all the time. Now that I go curly, I finger-comb every couple days, so the hair accumulates (also, hairs can't fall out on their own as easily with curly hair, it gets caught in the curls) and when I finger-comb, lots more comes out. But that's normal, I'm removing two days' worth of hair.

    The more often I finger-combed (since for the first week and a half of CG I've been co-washing everyday, but now cutting back to every other day), the less hair came out.

    There is nothing about CG to cause hair loss, it's completely normal.
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    what exactly does cg mean i haven't figured that out yet
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    what exactly does cg mean i haven't figured that out yet

    From the FAQ page:
    # Q: What is this “No Poo” routine I keep reading about?
    # A: “No poo” means no shampoo. It's a term coined by Lorraine Massey, author of "Curly Girl: The Handbook." members have developed several variations on Massey's ideas; you can go to CurlTalk and do a search to find more information. Read a wonderful article here to learn more about this philosophy.
    # Q: What is "CG"?
    # A: "CG" refers both to the "Curly Girl" book by Massey and a the "no poo" method of caring for curls, as mentioned above.

    But I can tell you what's going on: When your hair is straighter, dead hairs just fall away. When it's curlier, the dead hairs are sort of trapped in the curls, so they come out in handfuls when you wash it or comb it.
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