Its the smallest things

Curlee QCurlee Q Registered Users Posts: 523
Its the smallest things that can bring joy. I had a pretty good hair day last night, so I decided when I got home from work this morning to play around with my hair. Well I tried out some barrettes and it looked okay. I been wearing headbands alot, I think this will be a nice change. I took some pics because I was so proud of myself. I think Im getting the hang of what to do with my hair. :D Im so glad I found this site without you guys I wouldnt have a clue.

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  • msjokermsjoker Registered Users Posts: 1,658
    Those barrettes are too cute! And your hair is beautiful. Now I want to buy some more hair accessories :lol:
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  • 3rdtymesAcharm3rdtymesAcharm Registered Users Posts: 53
    too cute!!! :D
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