Hello - just now letting the curls spring free!

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Hi there - I've had short hair for years and years, and have been growing it out for a while now. It's only kinda wavy (and frizzy!) when it's super-short, but now that it's a little past chin length I've tried going curly instead of wrestling with the Chi, and have gotten tons of compliments.

I say "curly" - it ranges from near-ringlets underneath to freaky curl/waves all over to nearly completely straight on top. So it's always been a challenge.

I've got very thick, coarse hair, so it'll actually be easier and definitely better for my hair once I've gotten the hang of it. And I desperately need to get over the "perfect hair" hangup and embrace the (controlled) mess!

I looked around the forum this weekend, went and picked up some CG products yesterday, and did my first co-wash this morning. I'd like to enhance the curl but need some help figuring out how to de-frizz/increase shine.

About me: I'm 45, working mom of 2 two girls (8 and 15), and I'm a sucker for new product recommendations. :wave:


  • marie.lmarie.l Registered Users Posts: 702
    happy to have you here!

    you'll find CG advice on style tips and product help in the hair forum. figure out what hair type(s) you have and select the forum right for you.

    for more style tips visit curlpix


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