AG Renew Shampoo?!

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I'm trying to go without shampoo, and I talked to my mom about it.. and she said that I should still use AG Renew on my hair because she thinks it's moisturizing and it gets the product out of my hair.
(I use ALOT of product)

Does anyone else use this shampoo? .. or do you think that I should stay away from that too?

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    Most who are completely CG don't use shampoo. If you want to follow a mod-CG routine, it depends on the ingredients of this one.

    If your products are all water-soluble (no silicones), then you don't need shampoo to remove them. That's why we stay away from silicones, because they need a sulfate to remove them. And sulfates (the cleansing ingredient of most shampoos) are harsh and drying when used on curly hair.
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