I gave in to poo!!

I've been CG since 9/18, but my hair is completely gross. I've been co-washing everyday, so I thought maybe that producty feel in my hair was overconditioning. So I low-pooed with Organix, and my hair lost that feeling but now feels just a tiny bit dry.

Have I completely ruined my CG? Should I just be co-washing less often, or should I co-wash often and low-poo once a week?

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  • CurlyCurlyGirlCurlyCurlyGirl Registered Users Posts: 11
    When I first started I co-washed every other day for about 1 1/2 - 2 weeks. Then I started to stretch it out further and further. Now I usually co-wash once a week.

    I water wash every day though and condition the length.
  • mddermmdderm Registered Users Posts: 61 Curl Neophyte
    I know what you mean. When I tried the no poo method my hair was dull, limp greasy and my scalp was itchy and flaky. I use the organix shampoo too (vanilla). Try this, like once or twice a week just shampoo the scalp (diluted in a cup of water) and just pour it bit by bit onto your scalp until you get just the right amout of suds, stop pouring, and massage for about 15 seconds. Organix shampoo is sulfate free so you can feel good about using it but I think diluting it was the trick for me. I have been using it for a while and it gives my scalp the clean feeling that I'm looking for. I think shampooing sometimes also allows my hair to benefit from the conditioner more. Try using the shampoo like once a week but diluted. See if this works for you too!
  • tarahhhhtarahhhh Registered Users Posts: 125 Curl Neophyte
    I (tragically) just realized that two months ago when I started CG I was using products that had mineral oil in and petroleum .. ick. So i had to use a sulfate poo today. I deep conditioned and left a ton of conditioner in my hair for like 3 hours prior.. When I shampooed I diluted the shampoo in water too to lessen the effects. My hair looked good before i shampooed, but now it looks better. The curl sticks together better, and my hair just looks happier. I've no-pooed last weekend, and the weekend before but i didn't notice a difference. Although my hair is a little dryer than it was, it is definitely happy. I'm going to experiment with this, maybe I have to amp up the no-poo to low-poo, or I just have to do a sulfate poo once every couple of months. *shrug* who knows? All we can do with our hair is keep trying stuff out, I hope you find what works for you. Sorry for writing a book.
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