Need help getting softer more wavy like curls

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I have it in a low cloth pony tain right now and it's wet with lots of product in it...(elixer, flax seed gel) and I brushed it straight. I have been trying to do a semi curly/wavy style for like ever and am about to go crazy!
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    Step away from the brush :lol: !!

    For wavier hair, I'd recommend Aura Hypoallergenic Gel (at Sally's Beauty Supply) or if you're modified CG, maybe the Garnier Fructic Soft Curl Cream. It's kinda weird looking, but most of us who use it rub it between our hands and apply it to soaking wet hair.

    Hope you get some more recommendations!
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    Try doing a forum search too. I posted a topic a while ago about getting wavy hair without the blowdryer/curling iron routine. I've given up :lol: ! I've tried a bunch of suggestions but my hair never turns out quite right. I'm destined to be curly. :wink: Not so bad though hehe.
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    I would love to find a way to get looser curly or wavy hair... but I think my hair is just stubborn. I've tried putting my hair in a loose ponytail and a bun while still wet; neither worked well. If I try to curl my hair to loosen my natural curls, my hair just goes flat because it doesn't hold curling iron/rollers. I got a cool idea from Botticelli Curls (I think it was her) to get the looser pin curls look, like whatsherbucket on Titanic (I'm too lazy to look up her name). Instead of doing the pin curls wet, do them when your hair is dry. Don't use more than an inch chunk of hair. I haven't tried it yet though... I guess I'm too lazy (I have a LOT of hair).
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    I can sometimes get looser curls on second day hair.

    Yesterday I scalp washed, raked in some 6HotOil then condition washed, Combed in some [buylink=]Curl keeper[/buylink] and added mouse then I wringed out my hair and wrapped it in a bun for 10 minutes. Then I took out the bun, finger combed then dabbed a t-shirt on my hair to take away excess moisture. Then diffused a tiny bit then air dryed. Before bed and after it totally dries I fluff out my hair with my fingers (usually gets puffy looking) and then sleep on it. In the morning my curls look more wavy/ looser.

    This doesn't work all the time but when it does I love my 2nd day hair more than my 1st day hair.

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    If I want looser, wavier hair, I only rake product in, do not scrunch at all. I also take off the diffuser :gasp: and dry my hair part of the way while pulling on the end pieces to straighten some.
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    Have you tried honey? I mixed a big dollop in with conditioner, smoothed it all on and rinsed it all out and styled as normal. It definitely gave me a wavy look, as opposed to curly. I just did a post on the general discussion hair board about my honey experience. :)
  • carolmelanconcarolmelancon Registered Users Posts: 5
    You may want to try the Curls Spiral Curl Cream before you give up. Many of the posters mention that they get lower volume and elongation of their curls - leaning more towards waves than spirals (though others mention great curl enhancement). I think it depends on your hair type. You may want to check the posts in this thread Curls Spiral Curl Cream is Ready! to see if the people that got relaxation of their curls have the same hair type as you.

    :idea: It's a long thread, and the first half of the pages are people talking about ordering it. I'd start on the last page and work backward, checking for a matching hair type in the signatures.
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