For the Love of KCCC!!!

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So its been almost three days since I got to use my [buylink=]KCCC[/buylink], and I LOVE IT!! Not only was it awesome while still wet (which it never is), but it dried really well and stood up to the humidity of whichever storm is over NY at the moment. I played with my hair the entire first night, and the second day.

Pics are on my fotki. pw: curl

My routine:
cowash w/ Suave Coconut
AOHR--> comb through and wash out
[buylink=]Mixed Chicks deep conditioner[/buylink]--> wash out
tiny puddle of AO Blue Chamomile as a leave in, under [buylink=]mixed chicks leave in[/buylink].
Plop for 1 hr.
KY, then dividing hair into 7 sections, applying [buylink=]mixed chicks leave-in[/buylink] and [buylink=]KCCC[/buylink] to each section, twisting and diffusing. Overnight I leave my hair in a bun.

I ADORE this product!!! I'm debating whether buying [buylink=]KCKT[/buylink] is worth it, but I'd rather spend the money on Jessicurl products if I have the option...

Just wanted to share my good experience/excitement.
Messing with AOWC/AORM (but will always love AOHR) Also playing with KBB, KCKT & KCCC
Frustrated none the less... Keratin process set for 12/20 unless something changes before then.

pw: curl

1/20/2009 could not come sooner


  • SSSSSSSS Registered Users Posts: 67
    Skram.....I LOVE ur hair!

    Current co wash:Suave aloe and waterlily, VO5 passion fruit smoothie
    Current poo 2x month:Cristophe purely natural clarifying shampoo (no sulfates, parabens, fragrance, or dye)
    Current leave-in:Giovanni Direct
    Current Stylers:KCCC, Curl Keeper, AnGell
    Hair Dislikes:JC RR
    *flour sack towel to scrunch, curlease towel to plop
    Modified CG April 2008

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