A teenager who actually embraces her curls? Egads!

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So hi! I'm a thirteen year old from the bay area and yes, I do actually love my curls- I'm a 2c/3a. I'm not CG but I'm hoping to try mod CG soon- I'm pretty fearful that just regular CG will overcondition my hair, as it's already fairly oily. I used to brush my hair every day until this spring, when my sister forced product on me. I never went back. =D I get the curls from my Jewishness- I'm a second generation russian-american. I'm also trying to grow my hair out for the first time- I traditionally keep it between chin and shoulder length but right now it's a bit past my shoulders and I'm hoping it'll get longer.

Anyways, enough with the rambling. Hi!
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    San Francisco Bay Area? Another new, curly, jew-hair Bay Area person! Time for new hair for a new year - l'shana tova ;)
    "when I sleep, my curls crush flat, like a slinky that's slopped sideways"
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    Pre-toweling, post-toweling, pre-plop and post-plop. The jury is not out on the plopping thing. I think my hair is too fine.
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    I've been mod-cg for over a month & I have noticed a big difference in my curls. There is a post that I found that was/is very helpful for me. I listed it in case you want to check it out:
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    hi CG, welcome to the community!

    it is so great that you love your curls now. i know i fought them hard when i was your age and started loving them when i was in high school.

    you'll find great advice and styling tips throughout the site. poke around, have fun and keep loving those curls!


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