New soap experiment

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I found this soap, Chandrika Ayurvedic, at our natural foods store today. I plan to use it tomorrow, just wondering if anyone has ever tried it. Here is a link:

Some of the ingredients may help my scalp problem. And it smells kind of like incense at an import market-I will feel so exotic in the shower tomorrow. Too bad the only exciting thing going tomorrow is house cleaning and laundry!


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    WOW That looks really interesting! Which natural foods store did you get it at? Let me know how it works, that looks like it might work for me too. :D
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    I'm pretty sure that my Indian grocery store carries it, too. I was so hooked on the Swastik Shikakai, I didn't really look at the other ones. When I was there yesterday, he told me that he hadn't been able to get the Swastik Shikakai--since I bought him out two weeks ago. Let us know how you do with that.

    I made an infusion of some of the Ayurvedic herbs, shikakai, aritha and neem and added it to my homemade conditioner. It's what I used the day of my signature picture. It does leave my hair a little waxy like the soap bars can, but the curls are worth it!
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    It isn't a chain store like Trader Joes, just a locally owned (but fabulous-if a little pricey) store. As soon as I have a little caffeine and breakfast, I will get going on a shower and let you all know this afternoon how it went!
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    I have used Chandrika soap on my body, but not to wash hair. it smells heavenly. :thumbup:
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    Okay, I just showered and had to report. This bar lathered up like you would not believe with slip! I washed my scalp really well then ran the suds down my hair. Let sit for about 60sec, rinsed, washed again concentrating on my scalp then running the suds down my hair. I think I could have gotten away with one wash, but I wanted to see if it would clean up my scalp. I let it sit while I washed my body. My hair felt waxy before I rinsed. Rinsed with water, rinsed with 1:10 ACV, let that sit for about 60 sec, rinsed with water, put in about a teaspoon and a half of AOHR, let sit while I shaved legs, rinsed out, used a little ACV rinse. Raked and scrunched in FSG.

    Just wet my hair is soft, my bangs swept the side easily, and weirdest of all, my forward growing cowlicks weren't as forward (I don't think I could probably attribute that to the soap). My waves are a little higher up on my hair than usual.

    The scent is wonderful, a little stronger than I am used to but does not give me a headache. I am very sensitive to perfumes and have to be careful with scents. It smells just like an import market! MMMMMMM!

    Give me a few hours and I will report back on hair and scalp!

    **Update: I think it is a keeper! My hair is soft, a little frizz (I have not been able to get rid of the frizz for about 2 months), curls and waves much better than usual. A good hair day in fact! My scalp and roots are not oily. There is a little bit of the white buildup on one part of my scalp where I probably didn't wash as thoroughly, but it got rid of the rest! No waxy feel to my hair. I think I may try this bar once a week to take away CV bar buildup. If that works, I will (try to) not purchase the TE Left Coast Lemon. The bar is 2.64 oz and cost $1.25!!!! :occasion7:
  • ajaneajane Registered Users Posts: 323
    Here is a place to get it on-line and cheap:|1742948831

    Vitacost also has AOHR and Giovanni and other products. Shipping is $5.00. The service is good!

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