I lost weight, and my little theory on weight-loss

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Over the past year, I put on some weight. It wasn't an awful lot, but it had gone straight to my lower half, which was generously proportioned to begin with, and prevented me from fitting into my jeans. I was mystified as to why this had happened. I wasn't really eating more. I was getting exercise of sorts through being on my feet at work for 16 hours every weekend. I put it down to getting older and my metabolism slowing a little.

I gave up the job in September, and I've been sitting down a lot to study. I was also able to eat more at the weekends. Over Christmas, I ate plenty, particularly chocolate. :oops: Therefore, the odds are that I would have gained weight.

Well, earlier this week, after suspicions that I had lost some weight, I tried on the jeans that I had grown out of. They fitted! I haven't been on the scales or done measurements. I'm just going on how my clothes fit, and these jeans definitely fit me, and before I was cutting my circulation off to do them up. I'd been lounging around in old baggy jeans recently, so it was only when I tried on some fitted clothes that I could see the difference. I've got another pair of jeans on now. I bought them not that long ago, and they were a snug fit. Now though, I have tons of room in them and they are bordering on too big. Looking in the mirror, it's clear that my hips are narrower. My bum is now the size of New Jersey, rather than Texas, and I've definitely lost fat from my outer thighs. Best of all, I've lost no weight from my boobs. :lol:

So I've been wondering how and why I lost the weight. I decided that it came down to me having reverted to my old eating habits over the past month or so. When I was around 120-125lbs, before the weight gain, I never ate breakfast as I wasn't hungry. I also only ate a small lunch, and ate more in the evenings. I wasn't dieting, it just worked out like that and it worked for me.

When I gained the weight, I wasn't eating substantially more, I think, but I was eating breakfast because of long shifts at work, and my eating patterns overall shifted a bit throughout the day. I was eating, to a certain extent, because I felt I should, rather than because I really wanted to, even though altogether, I was probably not consuming much more. I went up to 135lbs. It's not a big weight gain, but I'm only 5'3, a small frame, and pear shaped, and you can guess where the weight went onto. :roll:

Ok, I'll get to the point. Today's general wisdom seems to say that you shoudl eat regular meals. Some say to eat three meals a day, no snacks, others say 5-6 little meals, but 'all' say to eat breakfast.

I say that while that may work for many people, it does not work for all people, and you need to do what works for you. Since changing my eating habits, I'm not feeling bloated, lethargic or anything either. I work better eating the bulk of my calories in the evening. I don't think it helps some people to be pushed into a certain pattern of eating. I think it can disrupt the body's natural rhythms and patterns. It's also true that some people might eat a lot one day, and very little another, yet it all balances out.

In short, I'm saying that if you want to lose a few pounds, it might be worth considering thinking about the eating patterns you had when you were thinner, or maybe go with the eating patterns that suit you. I'm not saying give up breakfast, I'm suggesting that you should take an individual approach and do what suits you, not what everyone says you should do. I'm not saying that various diet plans are ideas are bad, just that they won't work for everyone.

What's more, because the way of eating is natural, it's for life.


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    I was very thin in high school, and I lived on potato chips, cookies 'n cream ice cream, chocolate Twizzlers, powdered iced tea, pretzels, A&W root beer, apples and pizza. Literally, that was my diet.

    Your theory sounds very encouraging! LOL
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    I was very, very thin in high school, and I lived on potato chips, cookies 'n cream ice cream, chocolate Twizzlers, powdered iced tea, pretzels, A&W root beer, apples and pizza. Literally, that was my diet.

    I was very thin also and that sort of diet worked for me until I got into my 40s. :D

    For me my weight seems better if I eat breakfast, a light lunch with a few low calorie snacks during the day and then eat more at dinner. I find it much harder to cut back at dinner so if I eat a substantial lunch thinking dinner will be light, it often isn't. So the lighter lunch and eating pretty much what I want for dinner seems to work better for me.

    Mip it was interesting hearing your experience.
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    I just measured my hips. Before the weight gain, my hips were 38 inches. When I gained weight, they went up to around 42 inches, maybe 43.

    They are now 38.5 inches. :D

    I'm not advocating eating a diet that's nutritionally unsound, just to do more what suits you, particularly with regards to portions and when and how frequently you eat.

    I'm glad you found my post interesting. :D
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    I agree 100% with your post. If an approach is to foreign it won't work.

    I'm an advocate for making small adjustments (e.g drinking more water), but I would never advice anyone to completely overhaul their habits to fit some ideal of health. My diet is reasonably clean because it's what I was raised on. I eat when I feel like it because it was how I was raised. If I stray too far from all that for too long, it would cause me distress.

    For example, I can give up desserts and other goodies for a week or 2 to meet a certain goal, but I will never even attempt to give them up completely - might as well bury me now :lol: I think that's why diets have such a high failure rate.
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    I agree with you. I could never give up desserts for good. :lol:

    I've just been trying on all my trousers, and all of them feel loose. Unfortunately they are now sagging at the front, but nevermind. I still want to take up running, and I'm forever hopeful that I might just squeeze into a size 10. I'm starting to incorporate more fruit into my diet to eat in the evenings and eat more yogurt. I'm also trying to train myself to reach for a drink rather than food.
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    This is very interesting indeed. I do think you are on to something Mip.

    A few monthes before Christmas I started working out, and just trying to eat healthier. I had tried other "diets", and of course failed. This last time I decieded that I was just going to do my thing. I felt/feel that I had/have the right kind of knowledge to lose weight, but needed to do it my way. In other words, when everyone is telling me that I should be working out early in the morning, I decided that I would be much happier working out mid-morining. I am not a morining person, and have done the early morning thing, and after a few weeks end up hating it, and give the exercising up all together. Also for eating I decided that I wasn't going to give up cold turkey on everything, I was just going to try to eat less of the bad stuff, and more of the good stuff. So anyway I stuck with it a lot longer than anything else I had done, and ended up losing 10lbs in about 2.5 monthes. I got a bit off track with it during the holidays, but it has been much easier to pick up since then.

    So I'm going to agree with Mips opinion on this subject, and say that as long as you know yourself, and your body well enough, you can kind of do your own thing, and get better results. At least for me it has been a lot more beneficial, and I have been a lot happier about getting healthier!

    PS I hope that all made sense :D
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    Ok, I realize I'm a bit behind here, but believe it or not I just found this section. :oops: But, I have to say I completely agree with Mip's post, because I too have always been a person that skipped breakfast, ate a small lunch, and a bigger dinner, yet all I hear is how you should eat small meals through the day and definitely avoid a big dinner. :? Especially with a slow thyroid, everyone says to eat many small meals because it will help encourage the metabolism, but I'm just not as hungry throughout the day, and I especially can't eat too early in the morning because it makes me feel sick. If I have anything at all in the morning besides espresso, then it's some non-fat liquid yogurt.

    I always thought I was weird regarding my eating schedule, but it's nice to know I'm not the only one. :wink:
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    I cannot eat too early in the morning either...it definitely makes me sick. I eat yogurt and fruit in the morning, usually after 9 a.m. then a light lunch and dinner and a light snack after working out. I eat a coupld of snack during the day only if i feel like it. Eating several meals a day make my food budget increase - I am now unemployed so I eat in moderation. I am living on my savings while waiting for approval for my unemployment. With the price of gas, and a poor job market(constantly pounding the pavement) I hope that it does not come to
    gas or food!!

    P.S. Didn't mean to vent..just so angry!
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    good post...thanks for sharing. i like the idea of eating when hungry...the 4-6 meals a day thing never works for me.

    i would like to lose 15 lbs...10 i've recently gained + another 5 that i would have like to have off my frame....with monday being the start of a new month i'm going to revamp my eating and try more intuitive eating and also try to scale back on eating/nibbling in the evenings because usually i'm not hungry but i eat for flavor and habit....for me i know i obsess about food and i'm going to fill the gap with other things and try to make food less "glamourous" if that makes sense...

    they say eat to live, don't live to eat....that's going to be my mantra for the month of may!!
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    this is very encouraging to read!

    May the hair gods shine on me (and you!).

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    interesting! I am the opposite. during the week I always eat a BIG breakfast in the car before I hike in the morning, I usually have a dinner-type meal like meatloaf and salad with toast and a big glass of orange-cranberry juice with vit C powder. then lunch on the trail is fruit and trail mix (nuts raisins etc) then if I don't finish my breakfast I will do so on the way home from the hike, eat something sweet, get a power nap and then go to work around 4 or 5pm. I work till about 9pm and then I swim, shower, do my hair, have an ice pop and go to bed. sometimes i have time to swim when i get home before i start working, and then i will have a bite to eat after I am done but try to make it light. on weekends i usually eat with my husband. but if i have big dinners during the week i am sunk. this seems to be working ok for now. I drink lots of water too.
    I hike at least 3-4 hrs a day sometimes more or less depending on what i need to do, and swim 1/2 hr. my metabolism is so slow that even with all this activity and skipping dinner i can barely maintain a decent weight--it will climb if i am not careful!
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    While there are many ways to break up how one can eat during the day, what it comes down to is CALORIES. I had a good discussion with my GP (doctor) a month ago, as I too would like to shed a few pounds. She spelled out clearly 1200 - 1600 calories a day for weight loss. Yes, its a nuisance but it works. Combine that with at least 60 minutes of exercise 3 -5 days a week and you put yourself in a healthy caloric deficit. Less in More out = weight loss. Also consider this, it will be healthy slow weight loss, +/- a pound a week. Slow steady weight loss indicates a change in lifestyle and you are more likely to keep the weight off. So it does not really matter how many meals you eat so much as how many calories and of course it is a given the quality of what you eat is also a factor. Hope the info helps. Peace :D
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