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I wait tables and usually have my hair pulled back in a high bun. The front of my hair is all curly but the back is still straight from the relaxer. One night I had a table full of young white teenage guys and in passing one said to the other, "did you see how curly her hair is?", the other responded, "no, that's nappy!" and then they all snickered.

On the one hand I felt pretty ticked with their ignorance, but at the same time, I was kind of amused some one finally noticed my curls that I'm growing in. Most of the other girls of color I work with either have a relaxer or a weave so I guess my hair is a little out of the ordinary there.

Just had to share. :)
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    Well, personally I do NOT like the word nappy - so those guys are lucky I wasn't the one serving their food, because I would have been the one with the last laugh :evil1:.

    But if you're ok with it - that's great:flower:!! I'm sure your curls are amazing - and when something is amazing people notice:thumbup:. Hopefully, the next group of people to notice will be people with a few extra brain cells:glasses9:.

    Can't wait to see pics when you're ready:compress:.
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    Ooooh :angry7: I would have served hot fries in their laps!
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