Losing curl?

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About a year or 2 ago I started to really enjoy my waves when I found products that worked and invested in a diffuser. This year, I opted to go for a shorter haircut and ended up not getting the best layer treatment. A month ago I went to a salon to get it fixed and received shorter layers on top and longer in the back.

I've always had the issue of having straighter hair underneath and curlier on top. But now, my hair is straightening more in the back and underneath, where it is thicker. Could this be the result of a bad haircut?

I've also switched to a new organic shampoo and conditioner. I'm wondering if I'm getting too much moisture - is that possible?

I love leaving my hair curly, but am sick of feeling like I have to pull it back to hide the straightness.

Any thoughts?


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    If my hair gets too long/heavy, I tend to lose curl...

    conversely though, if I chop too much of it off it SEEMS less curly just because it's not long enough for you to actually see the full curl pattern.

    It might just be a matter of finding a balance between the two extremes for your hair.

    You CAN overcondition... but your hair would be really soft, lank and lifeless if that was the case, and probably seem a little greasy. I will say that since I went CG (no more shampoo, for once thing) I've noticed a lot more curl than I had before.

    Shampoos dry out your hair, and can cause some serious damage. Most curlies around here have ditched the shampoo altogether and just use conditioner to wash with, with great results.
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