UK Shopping question!!

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Does anyone know if I can buy jessicurl products in the UK?? Everyone says great things about them and id love to try.
They are really expensive to buy from American sites. Iv'e tried mariposa import too, but they work out pretty much the same. maybe im being a bit stingy but im a poor student!

Im going through a horrible 'bush on my head' phase and need to remedy ASAP!!

Thanks! xxxx


  • BelliniBellini Registered Users Posts: 5

    Do you want the good news or the bad news?

    Good news is you can get them in the UK via...

    I can say from experience they're very good and prompt.

    Bad news is shipping might set you back about £10 to £15. I tend to bulk buy when i'm feeling a little flush and reckless!
  • BelliniBellini Registered Users Posts: 5
    D'oh sorry... didn't read you're full post before i replied!!!! :oops:
  • McCurlyMcCurly Registered Users Posts: 200
    I live in Belgium and I order jessicurl from Mariposa. For me it is less expensive than ordering from the States, but it is not so cheap anyway.
    Maybe you would like to know that they are offering sales now so maybe if you could buy the products cheaper than the original price it would be affordable for you?

    Good luck!
    Corkscrew 3B

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