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I never hear anyone talk about hairspray. Is that a big no no on here?

My hair needs height on top but I am afraid to spray in case it will ruin everything. Not sure what to use even since no one talks about it.

My hair needs moisture, I have dry frizzy ends. But after my hair is dry it seems to soft and not holding the curl.

Should I be using way more AVgel and BioSilk Rock Hard gel? I use Loreal LOOB and tightly wound but sparingly. Should I be using way more to keep my curls?

What are some really good video clips of hair tecniques from our members? I find them very useful for a new user.

I am desperately trying this CG but I have yet to find the perfect combination of products or tecniques.

I find when using some of the curling products to give me more curl I tend to get knotty hair ends. Not pleasant to the touch. Like straw.

Please any advice I am willing to try.


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    I had this same dilemma and hairspray is not good because of the SD Alcohol which is very drying. I don't know how much product you're using but don't be afraid to use enough. LOOB won't give you hold, FOTE is very light. BRHG works great after hair is dry for that little extra hold. Just a pea size works wonders for me. You can spritz your hand to get help you distribute it evenly
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    What conditioner are you using? You may need something richer and more moisturizing. Hairsprays usually have that Denat. Alcohol, which is very drying. You could try a spray gel. But check the ingredients for anything ending in 'cone, 'conol, or 'xane. These are silicones and are NOT CG. You could also experiment with clipping and/or diffusing upside down. And try using more product. Depending on the length of your hair, you may need some pretty good sized blobs of gel. It takes a lot of experimenting to find what works best for you.

    Have you seen this list of CG products?

    There are videos on the Jessicurl and Frizzoff websites. Also Mysteryflavored has made a couple videos. Do a search on this site and you should be able to find it.
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    my conditioner is vo5 milk essentials. I think it is strawberry. Matter of fact I co washed with it last night and rinsed out with it combined with silk protein conditioner. I experimented last night.

    My hair is soft but I want tighter curls.

    Do you know if Kurly curling custard will give more curls or is it more geared toward 3 c and above type curls.

    I am more a 2 c 3 a curls
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    Are you sure you're not protein sensitive? That would explain the dryness. And the VO5 milk essentials are known to cause overconditioning in some...that might explain the excessive softness. Play around a little! I'm sure you'll find what's right for you.
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