Homebirthers - question about prep

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I'm a little late on getting my act together. I'm purchasing the towels/sheets I need for home birth, but I wanted to get your opinion on waterproof barriers.

I just purchased a new bed and wanted to know what was the best option for providing a waterproof barrier.

What did you guys use?


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    Didn't you have a waterbirth last time? I think that's the best way to go...no risk to your bed.

    I did prep my bed with 2 sets of sheets, with a waterproof liner that came in my birth kit in between, and also a bunch of towels in between too, just in case. I didn't end up using the bed for birth though. I used my outdoor hottub and we just pulled the plug and drained it the next day...easy peasy.
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    Well yea, but I think it's prudent to be prepared in case I do not have that option this time around. Similar to how I'm preparing in case of hospital birth, or early birth etc...
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    I agree...it's best to be prepared, which is why I prepared my bed also, even though I didn't use it.

    Any plastic will do. The barrier in my birthkit was just a piece of thin plastic. As long as you have something absorbant on top of the plastic, either under or over the sheet, you should be fine.
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    we just went to a home improvement store and bought a big plastic drop cloth (for painting) and made the bed up, tucked the cloth well around, and covered it with the fitted sheet we were ok with tossing (it actually came clean, but you never know). it worked fine.

    coarse, thick 3a
    modified cg


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