NEED to embrace my curls/waves

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I stumbled across this place as I was googling how to style curly hair, and I think it will be very helpful for me.

I have never embraced my curls, but we recently moved to Okinawa, Japan (5 weeks ago) and my straight days are officailly over because of the 90+ percent humidity. Now I need to figure out how to work my curls and I need some advice and help.

I have been browsing, and I think I understand the pineapple concept, and will definitely give it a try tonight, but my question is what do you do the next morning to revive the curls, and the sides that may get a lil flat while sleeping?? I read spritzing, is that with just H2O or something else.

I believe my hair is "2a" curls are scarce, more waves (will try to find a pic and upload). As of now I comb, then use Tigi Curls Rock, and I am indifferent about it really, I also spritz with HE spray gel, then I diffuse a little bit upside down, and they way I am going now the "Embrace" part is not happening.

Any help would be greatly appreciated for me and my family as they have to be seen in public with my freshly straightened hair with frizzed ends, flyaways and stuck to the back of my sweaty neck!!

Thanks in advance


  • silveropessilveropes Posts: 33Registered Users
    I am still new to this but my experience with humidity and hair is great b/c I live in TX. I have found that a mix of a few things help.

    honey/condish 50/50 then rinse out
    I do this about once a week
    leave in spray with honey mixed in.
    I also hear that apple cider vinegar rinse works well haven't tried it yet.

    So honey is my friend it does not leave my hair sticky.
    side bar on honey if you have allergies find local honey and eat some daily on toast or in tea. since it comes from local plants it will help reduce your sneezy water eyes.

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