Itchy scalp

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So when I washed my hair yesterday, I only used conditioner. My hair was fine most of the day, but at night and until I washed it again this morning, it was really itchy in some places. I can't tell if it's because it was dirty or if my scalp is too dry. How do you even tell if it's dry?

So this morning, I buckled and used a tiny bit of moisturizing shampoo to scrub my scalp. It still itches a little bit once in a while, but in a different spot now. :evil: AHHHH!

I'd really love to try No Poo or Low Poo, but I think it's beyond my budget... are there any other alternatives, or better conditioners? I use Tresemme and a leave-in of the same brand, at least until I can get to Wal-Mart on Tuesday. :P


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    I do CG on a budget, using Suave and VO5 conditioners. I also occasionally use Isoplus shampoo (sulfate free). Many also use Creme of Nature shampoo. Honey, apple cider vinegar and many gels are also very inexpensive. All of these are on the shelves at Wal-Mart. :D

    Also, I think the itchy scalp syndrome is pretty common. As you continue on CG, I think it eventually will pass.
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    I've been using Johnsons Baby Shampoo. It has one gentle sulfate and is cheap. I have the itchy scalp problem too. One thing that felt good was to wet it in the shower and just massage my scalp with my fingers for awhile. Then used conditioner on the ends. It lessened the itchiness. Hopefully it will pass, because I've been getting a lot of nice waves with the CG method that I didn't know I had, without even using much gel.
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    Thanks. :-) We're going shopping tonight, apparently, so I can buy appropriate CG-friendly hair stuff. :-) And maybe a turban wrap thingy for plopping, since that seems to work well on my hair.

    This morning, I CO washed, but I scrubbed my scalp really well and so far I am itch-free today. :-) Plus, my hair looks shinier and a little curlier, so yay!

    Still haven't figured out how to keep my longer hair in the back from going flat. Maybe it's just too heavy.
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    I know this is pretty old, but an ACV rinse usually helps my itchy scalp.

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