Issues with my 2C-Maybe-Hair

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I just found this website- thank god! My super dooper thick hair (half dollar when in a hair tie diameter) 1 day short of just getting shaved off.

My hairhas gone through what I think is a hormonal shift for the last 4 years. I used to have very thick, really straight hair. Now, however, it's gone crazy spiral on the underside back, while the top remains completely flat.

It's bushy and I never ever wear it down in public (i'm a teacher and for the last 4 years, my students have never seen in in anything but a bun).

I got an awful mullet cut (what was she thinking!) about 3 years ago that finally grew out, though i have layers now (it's about to my bra strap in the back.)

I don't know how to post photos, when I do I will. Thanks for advice!
I wash my hair less than once a week, use 3 different conditioners (aveda brilliant, loreal, and some hippy thing i got at whole foods) including a leave in, though use no gel or anything.

Can somebody please help!

Super crazy uber thick, ringlets below, flat on top middle eastern hair

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