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well i know my schools ridicuiouisly early with homecomming but this monday is the start of Spirit week and the first day is crazy hair & dress day and i was thinking of brushing my hair to make it like huuuuge and afro like :laughing5: but i dont know what will happen to it when i try to go back regular curly soo should i do it?

have any of you ever done it and what happened?
how long did it take to go back to normal?
any suggestions on how to go about doing it?
any tips?

TIA :)
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    I've never done this before, but I would say that brushing out your hair can't be more damaging than straightening it constantly and hair can recover from straightening trauma. I don't know, maybe someone else could help you with this. For my crazy hair day thing I separated my hair into like 8 different sections and put a hair tie on each section. It was crazy indeed, but it was cool.
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    I've brushed my hair out a number of times over the years, and my curls always come back as soon as I get it wet again.

    The only damage you run the risk of is breakage, but if you're careful when you're combing you should be able to minimize it :)
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    I agree with MimsTX. I have HAD to brush out my hair for various roles and haunted houses (especially when I play Magenta from RHPS) and as long as you are easy on the hair, as soon as you wet it, the curl comes back. The only problem that I have is usually the day after my curl pattern is a little confused and funky but after that it goes back fine!

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