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Hello All!
So, I was lurking through a few Fotki albums and came across this website called Keep It Kinky.

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If you don't already know about it...what a find! :thumbleft: Especially for me, since I'm not very creative with hair styles. It has great pictures and how-to tutorials for natural hair styles.

I also came across a tutorial by Autumn, titled "Partial UpDo". I visited her youtube page, CurlyChronicles, and was wowed by all the useful videos she's posted. Although I've been natural for 5 years, I've just now started learning how to properly take care of my hair. I think her videos are great for newbies and vets.

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Well, give both of these sites a looksee! :blob7:
I hope they are helpful to someone out there!


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    Thanks! I bookmarked it!
    - Maria

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    and another reason why i was pretty excited by my find is that autumn can pretty much be my hair twin! i've always heard people say that but, i never found "the one".:toothy7:
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    Great! Thanks for sharing :toothy7:.

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