Ok, So Egyptian Magic is Too Expensive, What About Shealoe or Shea Butter??

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I've only just found out about Egyptian Magic. It sound great, but just too expensive. I use shealoe for my body, but what about using it on my face or just straight raw shea butter. Doe anyone do this??
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    I'm a HUGE fan of shea butter myself, and make my own concoction in very small batches for my own and my husband's use. I do a body butter, which can also be used on the face that has 2/3 unrefined shea butter(I get this online, and is MUCH better and less expensive than getting it at the health food store)and 1/3 extra-virgin coconut oil, a bit of vegetable glycerin and some drops of lavender essential oil. Over the summer I had a bad skin irritation episode that I had to give extra TLC to, and I ended up using this formula as my face cream and I loved it. In fact, I am STILL using it as pretty much my only face cream. My husband got major relief for the first time ever with this after using all kinds of commercial lotions and creams for his dry, itchy skin(those did no good whatsoever). For myself, lately, on my body, I have just been using straight extra-virgin coconut oil(the Nutiva brand, which I can get in bulk at my natural foods co-op). The trick to using this is to apply while the skin is damp for it to work the best, but work it does.
    Hope this helps!
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