How often do you henna?

KynnibKynnib Posts: 999Registered Users
Im thinking about doing it 1x every 2 weeks
4a hair. MOD CG routine.

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-Back on the (rajasthani) henna train! My hair is so much better now.
-KBB hair butter mixed with Hairveda Cocasta oil
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  • kdkd Posts: 291Registered Users
    once a month; cassia/indigo

    Hairveda Whipped cream, suave tropical coconut, kenra, pantene r&n mask:color:/home/leaving?" class="Popup

  • anonymous_4926anonymous_4926 Posts: 678Registered Users
    i was doing it weekly the first month, now i'm switching to monthly.
    natural since 1998. trying to adapt to this midwest weather while still keeping it simple. current length: MBL (stretched)
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