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Tiny knots in my hair!

SoulGloSoulGlo Posts: 39Registered Users
Hello all!

How is it possible that I have tiny little knots in individual strands of hair. Does anyone else have them? Is there a way to stop it? It looks like someone purposely took one strand of hair and tied it into a knot at the bottom. I guess my hair is just that curly. I've noticed several and there is no way for me to undo them:-(
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  • sillyelliesillyellie Posts: 63Registered Users
    i had the same problem. it never broke my hair or damaged it but it was completely irritating. i eventually got used to feeling a couple of the knots and when i finally had my hair trimmed a couple days ago she just told me it was normal for my texture and cut them out.

    i started combing my hair after showering with a large comb and conditioner and not letting my hair get matted when i slept. i had not seen anymore since then. i just tried my bed not to let the curls get super tangled.
  • SoulGloSoulGlo Posts: 39Registered Users
    Thanks for the reply! That makes a lot of sense. I sleep with a satin pillow case, but I don't tie my hair down or anything so it is pretty matted when I wake up. I'll take your advice. Thanks again.
    Last relaxer: 12/06?
    BC: 12/07 (I did the honors:-)
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  • SmartkittySmartkitty Posts: 217Registered Users
    This happened to me single strand knots on my hair a little way from all the ends. It caused a setback because I was so annoyed by them that I trimmed them off bringing my progress back.

    I read up on them and found that they can be caused by many things including air drying - I now blow dry my hair on a very low heat and with shots of cool air to near dry to avoid the wet hair tangling upon itself.

    I also read that hih syndrome (hand in hair) can lead to these knots. If you play with your curls a lot I guess this can happen. Some people trim them or just ignore and accept them. I couldn't ignore it because it made my hair feel rough. Some people keep their hair in protective styles and reduce wash and gos to limit opportunities for tangling. It seems frequent loose hair wearing means you won't avoid them.

    After using the dryer I found I still got some ssk's but not all over.
    SoulGlo wrote: »
    Hello all!

    How is it possible that I have tiny little knots in individual strands of hair. Does anyone else have them? Is there a way to stop it? It looks like someone purposely took one strand of hair and tied it into a knot at the bottom. I guess my hair is just that curly. I've noticed several and there is no way for me to undo them:-(
  • drawmuhfreedrawmuhfree Posts: 402Registered Users
    Yeah I have the same problem. Its interesting how I dont recall them being an issue until I read about someone else's bout with them. Maybe I am just more aware of my hairs condition as of late, but I swear ignorance of them kept them away!lol

    I have read that letting your curls air dry can be a big culprit in the knots. If you wear you hair out alot you may wanna try twist or braid outs to help your prevent these pests.

    "[My hair and I] are in an unhealthy relationship and I am the abuser."

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  • nina514nina514 Posts: 118Registered Users
    Wow, smartkitty! Thank you for this post. What providence that I signed on now after months sabbatical to read your wisdom. I posted about these knots last year, but no solutions. These have been driving me crazy! mostly because they do feel so rough. I see I am doing everything that causes them. Thanks for the tips.
    3c still searching for my HG...:book:
  • SmartkittySmartkitty Posts: 217Registered Users
    I'm always googling specific problems as they arise:glasses9:
    nina514 wrote: »
    Wow, smartkitty! Thank you for this post. What providence that I signed on now after months sabbatical to read your wisdom. I posted about these knots last year, but no solutions. These have been driving me crazy! mostly because they do feel so rough. I see I am doing everything that causes them. Thanks for the tips.
  • cuptiecuptie Posts: 2Registered Users
    My daughter and I have this problem too! My hair is curly and her's is stick straight!

    I had my hair examined by the Devon Trichology Institiute and was told it was a combination of abnormalities, including Trichonodosis and a vitamin deficiency. I have just started using a reconstructor conditioner on my hair and started b-12, iron, folic acid, and hair vitamins. I try to increase my protein intake as well, since this is a large part of what hair is made of. For more info, go to:
    /home/leaving?target=http%3A%2F%2Fwww.devon-trichology-practice.co.uk%2Fhair.asp%23haircond" class="Popup


    If I were you, I'd send them an email and ask if Susan can forward you the info she has on what foods assist with hair health.

    Good luck! Lord knows I know know how annoying those knots are! My hair won't grow past my shoulders because of the knots forming, then breaking off!
  • madhuri_dixit_fanmadhuri_dixit_fan Posts: 310Registered Users
    I got them from lots of manipulation (HIH), not having sufficient product on hair when airdrying into a loose style, and having a wonky diet at one point. I hardly ever got them when I wore plaits under a silk wrap, bantu knots, twists or braids or twists outs w/enuf butter blend and when my diet was on point. I once got a strand of hair that had a knot near the roots and then like 50 more knots on the strand. Super pissed at that one as it was from a hair that was mroe than 12 inches long, lol. I was like WTH? Lucikly it was only that one strand, and it happened in an area of my head that always got the knots when I did things improperly.
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    Sometimes: AOMM Jelly, KCNT, KCCC
  • springyheadspringyhead Posts: 350Registered Users
    Could it be shed hair holding on to the strands? Don't know your detangling routine, but perhaps detangling once a week with a denman brush or a wide tooth comb may help...with conditioner soaked hair, of course. I got them bad when I detangled only with my fingers, but when I added the once a week denman session they practically disappeared.
    4a, fine coils. low/med porosity. "It's springy. Like a slinky."--My Lil' Cousin

    I use products on 90% dry hair.
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    Moisturizers: Long Aid
    Styler: Ecostyler Clear/ Vitamin E Oil
  • ~Curly~~Curly~ Banned Posts: 772Banned Users
    OMg there's a name for this its an illness? LOL

    Well I have them always have and although I find them odd I thought it was just because curly hair twist and flips and twirls and some how ties itself into a knot... I actually find the reverse is true, they don't cause breakage they prevent it because more times than not a see a split end on that strand and they rarely break off, i often find myself getting irritated because 1 has caught a half of a broken hair or a piece of lint in it and ripping it out... often times i just find myself breaking them off because of annoyance lol
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  • RMichelleMRMichelleM Posts: 301Registered Users
    i've found that detangling well and often enough along with keeping my hair well moisturized has resulted in a drastic decrease in the number or knots i find on my strands.

    i am officially the Kettle; call me Black. thanks.

    I'm better than people who think they are better than others; even though that's hypocritical in itself, im a better kind of hypocrite than others.:wave:
  • Shea-girl-aloeShea-girl-aloe Posts: 280Registered Users
    Wow! Thank you all, for everyones helpful information.

    At the beginning of the year I had a really big problem with knots and split ends at the ends of my hair. I just trimmed them away and have been keeping my hair in protective styles since then (although, my hair is in a puff right now). But, I had no idea that I could get knots from just air drying my hair in it's natural state.

    Thanks a bundle. :afro:
    4/b with 4/a kinks at the back of my head. :toothy4:

    Keep it kinky, curly, wavy- whatever.
    Just keep it natural and keep it you, from head to toe ^_^ :hippy2: :blob4:

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  • SuburbanbushbabeSuburbanbushbabe Posts: 15,402Registered Users Curl Neophyte
    I get them on old dead ends or splits, when I need a trim.
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    Playing with my hair is a hobby. Fluffy, fine natural 4a. Goal= Healthy, beautiful hair that retains its length.
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  • hennagrrlhennagrrl Posts: 2Registered Users
    They're called fairy knots.

    i've found since i started henna'ing my hair they happen a lot less.

    i don't know that i believe everyone's is attributed to some type of defect or disease...curly hair just tends to curl around itself...smoothing the cutile seems to help.
  • butrpcantanbutrpcantan Posts: 1Registered Users
    i have the same problem and i hate it. It comes from playing in your hair (i know... i cant help it either). When your hair is in its coil, its like little circles so when you stretch it out and run your finger down the shaft of the hair, you pull a knot into it. If you grabbed it from the very end and pulled, it would not make a knot
  • lovely_eirenelovely_eirene Posts: 48Registered Users
    I had these too, a lot of them! I've seen them called fairy or pixie knots <3

    What really helped for me was detangling my hair from the bottom up instead of just dragging a comb all the way through from top to bottom. So, combing the bottom couple of inches through, then combing down from a couple inches further up, and so on. That way, loose tangles and snags you get near your scalp from stuff like scratching your head and so on can't travel down as you comb and become fairy knots at the bottom.
    Fine 3c type, loves protein. BS length when straight, aiming for BS length when curly!
  • BekkaPooBekkaPoo Posts: 3,861Registered Users
    I had a big chop back in Feb. 2011, and I'm just starting to get some fairy knots now in December. I plan to just get a trim to get rid of them. Now I know it takes about 10 months to get to this point, so I can go nearly a year without trimming as long as I follow my normal hair routine.
    "The challenge is to be yourself in a world that is trying to make you like everybody else."
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  • FmasuhrFmasuhr Posts: 1,354Registered Users
    woow i thought i was the only one with this....... it annoys me that when ever i see them i cut the strand off where it is, dont know if its the best thing to do but ma.
    but since i started sleeping with a pillow case, and with my hair tired at night, ive found that it is alot bettter :)

    my hair: 3b, high porosity, high density and coarse hair (i think i finally figured that all out)
    my hair loves conditioner only styling!
    Oils and my own procuts are my hairs best friend
    my hair goal length is bra strap length when curly.
  • Goin'GreyGoin'Grey Posts: 301Registered Users
    Thank you for posting this...I cut them out if they are at the end, which they usually are. And I do have HIH in this area a lot...but it's so much fun! :confused5:
    3A, Protein Senitive, Low Porosity,
    Wash: Suave Naturals Conds (excluding Coconut), CVSB
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  • naturalnewbnaturalnewb Posts: 193Registered Users
    I get most of them from HIH syndrome. I also get them when I seal my ends with a butter or a beeswax product; my hair gets really rigid and this seems to promote tangling.
  • BlackAngelPlayahBlackAngelPlayah Posts: 1,419Registered Users
    I have them too. I'm not really bothered by them.

    Now what IS troubling is on some of my thicker strands, my hair looks SHREDDED! Well on one. And it was an abnormally thick hair! I first thought it was like 2 hairs, but... Yeah. I think that's from rough handling.

    Jen :D

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  • pinkwolfpinkwolf Posts: 430Registered Users Curl Novice
    Oh wow the same thing happens to nme. I will have to start trimming my hair when I see these buggers!!
    *Natural 3C/TWA* :toothy7:
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    PT: Super Mayo Deep Conditioning Treatment
    Leave-In: KCKT
    Whipped Shea Butter
    EVCO, Jojoba
  • wavycurlyria_87wavycurlyria_87 Posts: 78Registered Users
    Preventing Single Strand Knots - YouTube

    This video is helpful.. there's also more vids on YT on how to reduce them. I'm using the Shea Moisture Deep Treatment Masque in my hair as a leave-in in hopes that it will help reduce the amount of single strand knots that I get.
  • CoilywonderCoilywonder Posts: 30Registered Users
    I get these occasionally due to how coily my hair is I guess it is normal to have a few every now and again.
  • Knot GirlKnot Girl Posts: 1Registered Users
    I am a white woman with straight, gray hair. I don't play with my hair or color it, or brush it, I just use a wide tooth comb, I don't blow it dry. I don't use rubber bands. I don't back comb, I just don't do anything to my hair but condition it and let it air dry most of the time. My hair is half way down my back. What's up? Looks like these tiny knots are something more common with black women. But I am white...So, I can only conclude that, these knots are not just a problem for black women and that no matter what any of us do or don't do, the knots are here to stay. My daughter has access to an Electron-Scanning Microscope, and is going to look at 6 of the knots that I cup off today, with the ESM. I will let you know what these knots look like as soon as I can.
  • CurlyCoilyMeCurlyCoilyMe Posts: 130Registered Users
    Yes i do also have them, i think most curlies does. :) I just search & destroy occasional, and it helps to wash in sections, wearing hair in stretched hair styles(braid outs, twists, etc) and sleeping on a satin pillowcase at night or wear a satin scarf.
  • Songstress38208Songstress38208 Posts: 2Registered Users
    Finally, someone who has the same problem as I do. Yes I have recently over the last 6 months found knots in individual strands of my hair. I have also noticed a great deal of split ends. This is due to me using the flat iron on my hair and the new hair growing out at the roots kinky. The contrast and weight causes splitting. Plus my hair is very dry. You may have to cut the ends but I would recommend going to a good stylist to have them look at your hair and recommend an action. I dermatologist might also be a good idea.
  • MeshelMeshel Posts: 2Registered Users
    I've noticed the knots when I do wash and gos. I only finger detangle when I do this do maybe that is part of the issue. And I do let it air dry.

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