out of the mouths of babes, or why I've embraced my flat iron

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A couple of weeks ago, the unthinkable happened. My daughter, age 7, told me that one of her friends on the bus saw me hugging and her and thought I was her grandmother. I was crushed. I assumed it was because I'd been lazy and hadn't put my contacts in before walking my kids to the bus. My glasses are several years old and don't flatter me at all.

A week or so later, I tried straightening my hair. The results haven't been perfect, maybe because I need a better flat iron and/or I just don't have the technique down yet, but I was happy enough to keep doing it. I've been straightening it for the past several days.

This morning, I was again feeling lazy about my contacts and saying I needed to go put them in to avoid the "grandma" comments. My daughter said, "It's ok, mom, now that your hair looks normal!"

Maybe I'm letting seven-year-olds run my life, but I have to admit that I instantly feel younger and less dated without my curls and the frizz that inevitably creeps in, particularly when there is high humidity. (I live in the south, and high humidity is pretty much a given.)

The other benefit to straightening is that I don't get bedhead the way I do when I let my hair curl. Even when I'm having a great hair day with curls, sleeping inevitably destroys them. I wake up with frizz and horrible bedhead. Now, even though my hair doesn't look perfect after I sleep on it, it's not frizzy when I wake up, and it can look passable with a quick combing. I don't feel I have to shower and re-do my hair to be seen in public. That is the "normal" kind of hair I've always wished for!

I feel a bit guilty about not embracing my curls, but for all the time I've spent here and all the money I've spent on hair products and haircuts, my hair still looked like crap 90% of the time.

Maybe I'll go curly again when I really am a grandmother. ;-) Or maybe not. Even my mother-in-law, who is 75, thinks my hair looks better when it's straight.


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    There is no curly police! Do what suits you for this time in your life. Just be careful to keep your hair moisturized exta well, if you will be flat ironing more often. And maybe get yourself some updated glasses... :wink:
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    Don't worry about it - just do what you think is right for you. :) I do agree that straight hair tends to make people look younger. (:()

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    As much as I like my curls, I find them a lot of work. I just got a flat iron and have been straightening too. I think it makes me feel younger also.
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    Verity, what are you using in your hair that keeps it straight in humidity? I'd like to try it.

    If you like it and feel good, then it's good for you to do.
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    I use Redken Blonde Glam conditioner, followed by Matrix Sleek Look styling creme. I can't quite find the right styling product to finish it off, though. I've had decent luck with Ouidad Climate Control gel and Got 2 B Spiked Up. Herbal Essences Dangerously Straight mousse was a disaster. My hair curled like mad and wouldn't submit to the flat iron.

    Since I first posted, I've had dismal luck with straightening! The good results I had initially must have been beginner's luck. The past few days, I've been running the flat iron through my hair on a low setting, trying just to loosen the curl rather than to straighten. I keep wondering if I ought to try a large-barrel curling iron instead.

    Even if I can't have straight hair, I'm determined not to have poodle/granny curls.

    Updated to add that Aussie Sydney Smooth conditioner and Kenra Curl Defining Cream are doing a good job of keeping my hair frizz-free and pretty straight on top, and with loose curl/wave on the bottom. I have had days lately when I absolutely loved my hair. I can use a flat iron (set on medium) right around my face to take the bumps out of my hair and get second-day hair. Of course, it IS winter, and my hair is so much more cooperative in the winter.

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