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When purchasing butters or oils is it better to buy refined or unrefined/ organic/ virgin, or does it not make that much of a difference?
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    I always like unrefined. I think you get more of the nutrients in and benefits of the product in natural form. Also, especially in the case of coconut oil and cocoa butter, I enjoy the fragrance :)
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    Definitely unrefined. I adore the scent of unrefined cocoa butter, it is heavenly!
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    Definitely unrefined, cold-pressed, virgin, etc.
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    I've been using refined coconut oil and mango oil. I got the refined because I heard that the scent of unrefined was too strong or too overpowering. So I said I'll use the refined see what its like and if I don't like it I'll use the unrefined. So far it's working great; a plus to the refined is that I can add fragrance to it. I placed a little bit of nerobi jasmin in my mango oil and my hair smells lovely. The other reason I got the refined was because its cheaper. I order from and the coconut oil only comes in two sizes 1 gallon and 5 gallon. Refined $21, unrefined $41.
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    Unrefined. The refined coconut oil smells like nothing and doesn't work all that much better. The unrefined smells like a Mounds bar and really moisturizes your hair.
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