Help! need reasonably priced haircut in Sacramento, CA!

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Hi all,

I've seen the reccomendations for the stylists in Sacramento on the board (Heather in particular), but an appointment with her costs fifty dollars minimum. The few others that were posted look like they will also be around that same price, although I didn't call them. Anyone have any suggestions for a curl friendly place that is a little cheaper? Is seeing Heather REALLY worth 50 bucks? I think I could swing it for a single appointment but there's no way I can afford to get my hair cut regularly at that price. I'm a full-time college student who's planning on graduate school so my budget is pretty tight.
:arrow: I've also posted this on the 3c discussion board, but no one has responded :(
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    i pick 20 and under your a student just like me and money is tight ask for photos of past ppl that got there cut by him/her with you hair texture. and see it worth 20 30 40 50 bucks
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    I voted $30-50 but only because you didn't have an option of $20-30, which is the range I feel is reasonable. I currently pay $26 for a great cut, but I'd hate to pay more since I need more frequent trims due to my layers. :)
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