newbie - struggling with CG routine

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I recently decided to stop blowdrying my hair straight and have started with the Curly Girl routine and am struggling a bit
1.My hair takes a good 5 hours to dry completely because its very thick, and its cold out so when I take off my hat or hood at work I look witchy.
2.When I scrunch it ends up looking messy anyway because some strands poof out. Sometimes I have to comb my hair just so I don't scare people, but that doesn't help encourage waves.
I've been using mild shampoo 2x week so far, want to work toward 1x a week, conditioning on the ends. I've been using the John Frieda curl enhancing spray but I'm afraid it has 'cones.
I get 2a loose waves easily without any trouble, but I think I'd look better with a little more wave, since my hair is only shoulder length. Does anyone else have hair like this that they have been successful coaxing more waves out of?
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