New to CG! I think I am a 2B!

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Hi everyone! I am brand new to CG! I have been reading the posts in all the forums over the past couple of days and just ordered the book. Even thought I haven't received it yet, I think I have a general idea of how to get started!

My hair is wavy everywhere, except the pieces around my face. They are a bit straighter. Of course I have been using a hair dryer for so long and blowing out those pieces the most with a large round brush. I think they are just used to being straight! Whenever I scrunch them a bit or use a diffuser, they get wavy too... so maybe it will just take some time. This is literally my first day.

So, can you help me decide if I am a 2B? Like I said, my hair is wavy, so I am definitely a 2. My strands are fine, but I have a ton of hair per square inch on my scalp, so overall, it is really thick. But not coarse. Does that sound right for a 2B?

Any tips you can share with me? This morning, I used the Paves sulfate-free shampoo. I am going to try to wean myself off slowly over the next couple of weeks. I conditioned with V05 Tea Therapy and used my husbands Suave no-frizz gel. I probably need to look into getting some new products.

Then, I let my hair air-dry mostly, but I had to scrunch/diffuse the pieces around my face to get them to curl up. That's really it! I have lots of waves/curls. I am hoping that if I take all of your advice and read CG, that my hair will get curlier over time. Right now it is still "used to" getting blown out/flat ironed every day.

Nice to meet all of you!


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    Do you have any pictures? It would be easier for people to tell you your hair type with pictures.
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    No, I haven't taken any pictures just yet. Like I said, this is really my first day to actually leave the house with curly hair. Lol. Isn't that sad? I am 29 years old!

    I will try to take some tonight or tomorrow and post them for you guys!

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    I am just starting too, so I don't have much advice, but I will be interested to hear how it goes, because I have similar thick (but not coarse) hair with slight waves. Good luck with the routine!
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    I'm a 2b with some 3a in there and I practice a modified CG routine I guess. It would be easier to tell your hair type once you get pics up. That's funny that you only just went curly. I've been curly from perms in my teens and now it just is the way it is. I think I've straightened my hair maybe 5 times in my whole life!
    I definitely think those straighter pieces will curl up more when they aren't heat styled as much. I just use sulfate free cleansers or a conditioner to cleanse and then I use various different conditioners. Try to stay away from lots of silicones that can build up and you should be good with Paves and other sulfate free cleansers.
    Good luck and welcome to both of you!! :D
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