New to CG! I think I am a 2B!

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Hi everyone! I am brand new to CG! I have been reading the posts in all the forums over the past couple of days and just ordered the book. Even thought I haven't received it yet, I think I have a general idea of how to get started!

My hair is wavy everywhere, except the pieces around my face. They are a bit straighter. Of course I have been using a hair dryer for so long and blowing out those pieces the most with a large round brush. I think they are just used to being straight! Whenever I scrunch them a bit or use a diffuser, they get wavy too... so maybe it will just take some time. This is literally my first day.

So, can you help me decide if I am a 2B? Like I said, my hair is wavy, so I am definitely a 2. My strands are fine, but I have a ton of hair per square inch on my scalp, so overall, it is really thick. But not coarse. Does that sound right for a 2B?

Any tips you can share with me? This morning, I used the Paves sulfate-free shampoo. I am going to try to wean myself off slowly over the next couple of weeks. I conditioned with V05 Tea Therapy and used my husbands Suave no-frizz gel. I probably need to look into getting some new products.

Then, I let my hair air-dry mostly, but I had to scrunch/diffuse the pieces around my face to get them to curl up. That's really it! I have lots of waves/curls. I am hoping that if I take all of your advice and read CG, that my hair will get curlier over time. Right now it is still "used to" getting blown out/flat ironed every day.

Nice to meet all of you!

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