Great Site :)

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Welcome, Curly_Top, we're glad you've found us! And we're glad you've decided to stay natural! Curls rule!


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    Just wanted to say I love this site. I found it while searching for info on a straightner. I was having a bad hair (Thanks to TX Gulf Coast Humidity) eek.gif the kind that makes you want to shave you head and start over.

    I decided aganist the straightner and have used some of the products and tips I found here and my hair is looking better already (at least today).

    If you guys ever go public with stock I think all the curly heads will snatch it up.

    Keep up the Great work.

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    We're so glad you found us.We hope we can continue to provide you with useful information, support, etc. for your curls.

    We welcome any feedback.

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    I really like this site it's great, the thing is i have tried everything on my hair, to try and make it look nice, but it just always is the same, frizzy, dry and in my opinion very ugly, I want to keep the natural curl, but have it still look nice!if anyone has any advice i would be much obliged.!

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