safest ways to straighten?

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I'm a 2b with hair about to my shoulders when curly. During summer, my hair is pretty good. It gets a bit curlier and cooperates a little more. But fall and cooler weather is coming, and with it means my hair has more bad days than good. It doesn't have a definite wave or curl pattern, some parts curl awesome and other parts are straight w/ an odd wave. I'm considering straightening now and then, which I haven't done since the end of April. What is the best way to do this w/o damaging my hair or giving it less curl? And what products should I use? I'm currently using [buylink=]DevaCurl low poo[/buylink] once a week, VO5 conditioner, and Herbal Essences Totally Twisted scrunch gel (so silicone, sulfate, and protein free). Any suggestions would be really helpful!


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    There's a straightening board, you might have better luck asking there.
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