i nEEd hElp!

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0kay, so basically i have curly hair & [im african american by the way!] but i have like biracial lookin hair, so like what styles or products would probably be nice for me.


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    try herbal essences breaks over, its really creamy and makes ur hair moisturized, and tresemme moisture rich shampoos and conditioners..and well idk what else because i have the same prob i dont really know what other products i should use
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    I heard that Tresemme shampoos and conditioner are overwhelmed with products which can be bad for hair. I currently use herbal essences Hello Hydration and it works pretty well. Another good idea would be to buy a bottle of curl matrix conditioner and put a little on after a shower without washing it out. When your hair is damp put in some gel and leave-in conditioner. Works wonders! hope this helped
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