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Hello all
I primary form of exercising comes from using fitness videos. So far I own a little over 50. I prefer to workout in the comfort og home own home. From what I can tell might people on this board go to the gym. Does anyone here prefer to to use videos? What one do you use?

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  • starinastarina Registered Users Posts: 665 Curl Neophyte
    I prefer to use videos because it's just easier for me to work out in my own home than try to go to the gym (plus a gym membership is not in my budget). When I want to exercise, I just go down the basement steps and I'm in my own personal gym! I have really gotten into shape just using the tapes plus hand-held weights. I also just bought an ellipitical machine to mix things up a little. I do a lot of step aerobics, but my favorite tapes are the Firm series. I have five or six of them and would like to get more.

    Of course, these are all videotapes, not DVDs, so I had to get a DVD player that also plays videos.
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    i like it too.. right now im using denise austin's kick boxing and paul abdul's cardio dance.
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    I use videos because I have so many kids to keep an eye on. If I had to go to a gym I'd never workout. I use the Ttapp system. Since Less is More (one of the mottos), I can workout 30-40 minutes 3x per week and be all set. Toss in one of the signature moves after high carb foods and I'm set. I've maintained my current size for 2 years.
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    I belong to the gym and use videos. I have so many it's ridiculous. Some of my favorites are:

    The Firm
    Slim in Six/Slim Series
    The Bar Method
    Yoga Booty Ballet
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    I never go to the gym anymore. I workout with videos or jog the track. There are so many varieties of videos to buy. I have about 20. Right now I'm alternating between 'The Firm' videos(with the fanny lifter), Urban Tai Chi: The Explorer, and The Method: Cardio Boot Camp. I'm looking to buy more Step Aerobics videos from collagevideo.com
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    is Cathe Friedrich! She's advanced but will whip your body into awesome shape! I workout almost exclusively to her & have achieved serious muscle defintion & a low body fat percentage. And I just had my baby girl 11 months ago. At home workouts is where it's at! :D
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    has anyone lost loads of weight using these videos?

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