Pissed at an instructor at my gym...am I wrong here?

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Maybe I am just sensitive because I have PMs...but I go to a class on Saturdays that was originally posted as a class for seniors, but really there is maybe one senior in the class the rest are 40's-50. I am the youngest. Anyway, I've been going and really enjoying it. I add hand weights during aerobics and use heavier weights for the strength to make it more challenging. And it is at a convenient time for me.

We sometimes come close to not having class because of not enough people. So we suggested the instructor re-write the description of the class. So he writes "for de-conditioned thirty-somethings, baby boomers, seniors, or people just getting back into working out."

What does he mean..."de-conditioned" I take that as a TOTAL insult!!!! I'm the only "thirty something" in the class. I am far from de-conditioned. I am not a body builder by any means, nor am I an aerobics instructor with a 12 pack, but I am not de-conditioned!!!! I am at the gym more than he is!!!!

Do you think he doesn't want me in the class???...that I'm intimidating to the older women??? I am amazed if that is the case because when I first showed up they were begging me to come back so there would be more people in the class. In fact I made friends with some of them. I don't even feel like going now. I think I'll take the advanced class at 10AM and then when he sees me at 11AM I'll just say "I wanted to get more conditioned." OK that's totally snotty...and I won't have the balls to say that...DAMN!!!

Maybe I am wrong here, but don't you think "de-condition thirty somethings...sounds negative, regardless of whether he was referring to me or not. If I read that, and had never been to the class I definitely would not go!
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    Maybe he doesn't think *you're* de-conditioned, but he wants to attract de-conditioneds to his class.

    I don't like the idea of using ages and all that terminology. Why can't he just use Beginners, Intermediates and Advanced?
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    Is this a corporate owned gym? If it is, I am shocked that he wrote the description like that as it sounds callous, insensitive and discriminatory.

    I don't think he was talking about you specifically, I think he was trying to get some kind of marketing idea across. :roll:
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    Agree. I think beginner, intermediate or advanced would be better. I have had 2 foot surgeries and find that the other classes focus so much on pounding your feet doing aerobics I end up in pain.
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    I highly doubt that he meant you, but I agree that he could have found much better words to describe the class, ie. beginner, low-impact, etc.
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    I think you're overreacting.
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    I'm a little embarrassed because I have no idea what de-conditioned mean. :oops:
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    No, it wasn't a shot at you. He was just using words that were kinder than 'out of shape' to attract more people to the class.
    I hope you kept going.
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    i'm a new instructor who just took my ace group fitness instructor exam so i learned lots of stuff about group exercise program design and our professional responsibilities. i think that was unprofessional but not personal....

    1 - there is no need to use ages, in today's environment you could have a very out of shape younger person or a very in shape older person and older and younger are so relative

    2 - he doesn't need to focus on what "condition" you are in....just say level's beginner, intermediate, advanced

    3 - he should describe what you actually DO in the class and the props/toys/weights you use as part of that and leave the rest out.

    i work for 24 hour fitness (a large national chain)....perhaps the guy could read the group exercise descriptions listed on our website and use it to formulate his descriptions....

    you could take two different approaches....but the question i have for you is do you like the class itself? if so....offer the guy some constructive feedback after class...any good instructor will value that...i highly encourage my students to give me feedback....so i can get better!! have you thought of being an instructor?? it's a really fun thing and you can correct some of the things you don't like about the class you are mentioning and you could make a little extra money and motivate others!!
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    No, it wasn't a shot at you. He was just using words that were kinder than 'out of shape' to attract more people to the class.
    I hope you kept going.
    i don't think it was personal either but trying to attract people who may need the class.
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    I agree Curleee. I was once a fitness instructor and this description would alienate people instead of bring people in. It seems a little to pin-pointing.

    Not knowing exactly what all the class entails, I would have just wrote " A low to midlevel class for Seniors or for those just getting back into working out."

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